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Nasa* is Hernan Mariano Lombardo. He lives and works in Buenos Aires. Nasa*'s artistic formation has roots in graphic design, architecture, skate and urban culture. In continuous evolution, his works moves with total familiarity between analog and digital world. He investigates constantly different surfaces to express his ideas. You can see his art on walls, frames, apparels, stores, objects and publications. His universe is dark and positive, full of symbolism and he loves to find the balance inside the chaos.

March 2010 / № 031

hola amigos, les dejo mi vision 2010 del kDU, enjoy!


December 2010 / № 142

sk8 ramp design contest ///

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October 2010 / № 141


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September 2010 / № 111

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2010 site update




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August 2010 / № 072

Hola Amigos del KDU

Estoy feliz de tener online mi nuevo Website, aqui pueden ver mis ultimos trabajos.


Cheers from Buenos Aires


May 2010 / № 065
May 2010 / № 058
March 2010 / № 051
March 2010 / № 047
September 2009 / № 023

te veo .mi ultima expo en solitario
una serie de telas y objetos intervenidos.
aqui me encuentro pintando de manera primitiva, sin pensar demasiado, investigando la oscuridad y el poder de los colores.

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September 2009 / № 010



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