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Reykjavik, Iceland

Megan Herbert is an illustrator and a writer who divides her days between these two disciplines. Currently she writes and doctors film and television scripts, and illustrates everything from children's books to album covers. Recently she released a range of gift wrapping paper and cards which is available for purchase online and in selected stores in Reykjavik, where she is based.
February 2009 / № 026

Recently released, in a collaboration with Reykjavik design doyennes Bility, are my Vinarþel Cake and Coffee Stencils. The design brief was open, an invitation extended to me to apply my illustrated stylings to a product of my choosing and design. The Bility homewares brand is all about experimentation, and bridging the gap between art and design. As someone with a graffiti background whose present day interests include the delicate domestic arts of baking and decorating, I couldn’t resist finding a happy co-existence between these two vastly different worlds. The results, as photographed by the most excellent Marino Thorlacius, are very pleasing indeed.

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