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Reykjavik, Iceland

Megan Herbert is an illustrator and a writer who divides her days between these two disciplines. Currently she writes and doctors film and television scripts, and illustrates everything from children's books to album covers. Recently she released a range of gift wrapping paper and cards which is available for purchase online and in selected stores in Reykjavik, where she is based.
August 2010 / № 031


We all have these in common.

This series of limited edition prints, titled COMMONALITY is a continuation on the themes first explored in my wrapping paper series. It is a study of the things that we as human beings all share, irrespective of the great universal dividers of geography, politics, religion, and material wealth.

Each of the five designs is for sale at meganherbert.com in a limited edition of 50 black and white prints, numbered and signed by the artist. Also available is an additional limited edition of 10 of each design individually coloured by mine own hand. Each will be one of a kind. Prints are black and white Giclée on 150gsm Munken Polar Rough paper, 420 x 550 mm. 

June 2010 / № 026

Recently released, in a collaboration with Reykjavik design doyennes Bility, are my Vinarþel Cake and Coffee Stencils. The design brief was open, an invitation extended to me to apply my illustrated stylings to a product of my choosing and design. The Bility homewares brand is all about experimentation, and bridging the gap between art and design. As someone with a graffiti background whose present day interests include the delicate domestic arts of baking and decorating, I couldn’t resist finding a happy co-existence between these two vastly different worlds. The results, as photographed by the most excellent Marino Thorlacius, are very pleasing indeed.

February 2010 / № 022

The first two in a new series of limited edition prints available for purchase at meganherbert.com soon. Original artwork entirely hand-drawn with pen and ink.

January 2010 / № 015

Presenting five gift wrapping papers for the discerning giver. Each design represents elements we all as human beings share – the blood coursing through our veins (‘Circulation’), the bones helping us to stand strong (‘Skeletal’), the food that nourishes us (‘Digestion’), the air filling our lungs (‘Respiration’), and the traditions that shape our history (‘Snowflakes’). This limited edition collection is designed and printed in Iceland on reclaimed deadstock. Available for purchase online at meganherbert.com and in select stores in Reykjavik.



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