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Vancouver, Canada / The Internet

Mark Bulford
Graphic artist, non-organic family farmer, teacher, and philosopher, takes us on a multidimensional journey challenging the very core of space and time.

Mark works and resides in rainy Vancouver, BC (Canada). During the day he dangles the agency life working as a designer at Academy – he enjoys this?

February 2009 / № 033

Exploration – Human beings are adventurers; exploration a part of our essence. We long to push back boundaries, to uncover. The unknown, whatever it may be, calls to us. We are driven to understand the nature of the universe, ourselves, and beyond. The frontier is everywhere.

Expansion – Yet this exploration is not the end of the frontier – it is not the end of the unknown. The frontier is simply moved to greater heights, and still it calls us. This is the paradox of our ever-expanding sphere of knowledge; the more we come to know, the more we contact the vastness of the unknown. The known and unknown is in constant flux.

Reciprocity – And the frontier, in moving to greater heights, has been changed by the very exploration of it. And the explorer, too, has been changed, acquiring knowledge and adapting to this new knowledge. The quest for knowledge forces change.

Event branding for TEDx Vancouver’s 2011 theme “The Frontier”. A series of dynamic identities manipulated by ever-changing data.

Prototype by D Butler

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