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Founder & Creative Director at
Sublimio - Unique Design Formula:
a multidisciplinary studio offering a perfectly balanced mix of Design and Communication services.

Currently providing insights to the following IED (European Institute of Design) Masters:
Graphic Design / Art Direction
Art Direction Premium / Communicating the Excellence.

Sublimio - Unique Design Formula
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February 2009 / № 061


ArteArredi (FurnitureArt) is an italian Brand designing and producing custom furnitures with a selection of premium woods.

The Brand’s neat identity testifies the exceptional products’ design and building quality. According to the Brand’s Tagline “Arredi d’eccezione” (exceptional furnitures), the logotype subtly contains the Brand symbol: a one of a kind chair, represented by the custom designed “rt” letters.

The color scheme, inspired by wood’s essence, and the overall design evoke a simple yet sophisticated identity.

The ArteArredi Unique Design Formula included: Concept Development, Naming, Branding, Corporate Image, Visual Identity, Online Experience including CMS system and Branding applications.

Sublimio_ArteArredi_07_SettiminoSublimio_ArteArredi_04_Logo Sublimio_ArteArredi_03_Logo_ConstructionSublimio_ArteArredi_11_FontSublimio_ArteArredi_09_ColorsSublimio_ArteArredi_10_Corporate_ImageSublimio_ArteArredi_05_PostcardsSublimio_ArteArredi_02_OrangeSublimio_ArteArredi_06_Website_HomepageSublimio_ArteArredi_12_Website_About

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