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Bucharest, Romania

Alex Macsoda's an enthusiastic graphic designer from Bucharest, Romania. Over the past three years, he dedicated his life to specializing in lettering and typography. I’m a big fan of the minimalist trend but still I inherited my father’s taste for vintage. So, the people who sees my work can easely observe a combination of both. I offered a professional approach in every project I worked, combining my personal aspirations and thoughts with the client's desires and taste.
January 2011 / № 025



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December 2010 / № 015







Break the atom (I first called it Oxygen) is a personal lettering experiment that ended well. It could be a logotype, or a display type… I don’t really know for sure. Hope you’ll enjoy it. See more here.

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November 2010 / № 008



This is Einstein Typeface, a custom display type I created a few time ago especially to use it for a personal graphic design project. I’m very happy to announce that this project got featured on Design and Design Book of the Year – Volume three, and also on CMYK magazine, issue # 49.

I want to describe it as a retro-futuristic type, just like Einstein personality; a guy that lived in the past, but he came from future…

October 2010 / № 003



Hello dear friends,

Today is the big day, when I’m breaking the glass, here on the KDU. I’ll present to you two posters based on typography, that got featured on Design and Design Book of the Year – volume three.

I started a small project based on type a few months ago. I used for it famous quotes of well-known artists combined with only few suggestive graphic design elements.

If you want, you can also visit my portfolio here.



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