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Laundry! is a design and animation studio based in Los Angeles. Focusing on design, illustration, animation, live action and vfx with work for television commercials, music videos, posters, and even clothing. Their clients include: Wrigleys, Nike, Virgin, The Cool Kids, Mountain Dew, MTV, VH1, Zune arts, and Stussy to name a few. Also they’ve worked with artists like Green Day, Chris Brown, Julianne Hough, John Legend, Anais, and The Cool Kids on a variety of music videos, commercials, and print materials.

February 2009 / № 024

Todd dropped me a line that the KDU x RYZ collabo would be featured in selected Journeys shoe stores, and he wasnt kidding. Front and center as you walk in was the kdu collabo standing strong. At least in the santa monica store, me, anthony faucheux and mago were repped hard as you will see in particular. Trust and thx to the kdu.






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