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Laundry! is a design and animation studio based in Los Angeles. Focusing on design, illustration, animation, live action and vfx with work for television commercials, music videos, posters, and even clothing. Their clients include: Wrigleys, Nike, Virgin, The Cool Kids, Mountain Dew, MTV, VH1, Zune arts, and Stussy to name a few. Also they’ve worked with artists like Green Day, Chris Brown, Julianne Hough, John Legend, Anais, and The Cool Kids on a variety of music videos, commercials, and print materials.

September 2013 / № 110

We finally got around to relaunching our website with a new reel, tons of new design and animation work and even experiments and past pitches.

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New Steve Aoki and DJ Tiesto ‘Tornado’ Music video We at Laundry! directed and produced with our rocking team of designers and animators. Visually inspired by 80s arcade hit Tempest, we assembled this galactic kamikaze space race ending in DJ tiesto’s 3d head exploding among other entertaining moments.

Guest cameo appearances by Omar Doom of Inglorious bastards fame, mike trevino of vampire diaries and DJ Tiestos 3d head.

click on image or here to see the project in full


Finally released, we at Laundry! created visual animation and editorial for this 80s airbrush inspired robotic extravaganza marrying our loves of both Robert Palmer and Hajime Sorayama into this electric and neon creation for Svedka. Second to that, we also completed a Jeff Koons inspired journey through a world of ghetto blasters, brick retro cellphones, lipstick rockets, and good old fashioned trips through outer space for the second complimentary commercial.



‘Cool Places’

April 2012 / № 102

Last year we @Laundry! collaborated with Sony to create an animated retail experience for their stores worldwide. What began as a synchronized series of screens within each store playing at the top of the hour daily soon evolved into our graphic language carrying over into print, advertising and online. Quite simply we created animated flower petals that wove every aspect of their brand at the time in a very inviting and human way that made Sony less about the technology and more about the pleasure of marrying technology seamlessly into everyday life.

Below is a 3d render of the store experience which we created in Maya, c4d, and after effects and utilizing specialized servers and applications in store to sync our animations to the 28 different screens at once.


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Excuse the annoying commercial that will probably pop up before this video plays, but we @laundry! had the pleasure of contributing design for this piece, and designing and animating Mick Jaggers space sequence for the last 1/3rd of the video,

YouTube Preview Image
November 2011 / № 094

A sneak preview of some skatedecks I am making for an upcoming art show.


November 2011 / № 092

After months of laboring back and forth with programmers, we finally relaunched our website with a bundle of animation and live action projects within the realm of branding, music videos, commercials and beyond.

have a look here. www.laundrymat.tv


So this is a prime example of how the Kdu can work advantageously. Last year, the Kdu graciously curated a Hennessy artist collaboration bottle between myself and DJ Steve Aoki. Our collaboration was quite positive and we got along well enough to make a music video together for the first single off his new album. Shot just months after finishing Hennessy artwork, we spent the remaining months finishing the design and animation here at Laundry! The moral is it is as much about making dynamic work as it is about being collaborative and not an asshole to foster further collaborations.


July 2011 / № 087



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I connected with the homey Levi maestro to make a limited edition poster for the Super Stupid dummy grind party hes throwing to raise money for japan. The trend has passed, but we both still hold the people of japan, our homies and strangers close to our heart and took the opportunity to both do what we do best paired with a few other like minded people, creatively to raise support. All proceeds from donated products go directly to japan relief, and the event will feature the tunes of Dj 9th wonder plus a few other guests if you are here in LA this weekend at the key club.

From a creative level, Levi captured pretty closely my art process from start to finish, from pen, to computer to silkscreen, in a simple playful way I think really pleasantly captures the overall Laundry! vibe well. The only part he made look easy was the screen printing process which was a bit of a feat. Anyhow, enjoy.


April 2011 / № 080

Let me start off by saying I am not much for joke or comedy graphics in general. I find them shallow and often more cheap than funny and generally try to avoid such projects. An associate got in touch recently with a proposition of creating graphics based around the rants of the one and only Charlie Sheen however, which much against my normal anti comedy stance seemed like a really interesting opportunity to participate in the rise or fall of an acting legend depending on your take on it. Regardless, his many signature sayings really lent themselves to fun iconography. See more here… Also I am putting the finishing touches on the interfaces for his iphone app that will release very soon.


March 2011 / № 078

A bit of new craziness for 2011, whos bad?!?!!


Here’s a visual preview to a music video we directed, designed, and animated at Laundry! for Steve Aoki and Rivers Cuomo from Weezer as a direct extension of the Hennessy Art of Blending project we did with the Kdu. Look for the video soon!






February 2011 / № 069
February 2011 / № 068

I am experimenting with cel animation for a new upcoming project and put together this animated alphabet to help me figure out what I am up against technically and creatively.

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