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Poznan, Poland

StudioKxx is a design studio established in 2006 by a Polish graphic designer and illustrator, Krzysztof Domaradzki / Kxx and his wife, Eliza, who is responsible for project management.

StudioKxx works in manifold areas of design, branding, visual identity, web-design and art direction for a diverse group of clients in an extensive array of occupations. Always motivated by the pursuit of the new, StudioKxx strives to deliver straightforward and memorable communications, irrespective of scale and budget.

The studio's approach is built on the idea that there is never one ultimate way of dealing with a given challenge. Through experiments with various processes, production methods and design styles, Krzysztof seeks to discover, explore and represent everything that is visual. This often leads him to some self-initiated pieces and collaborations with kindred spirits in the field.

Krzysztof holds a Master's Degree in Metal Techniques and Drawing from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan / Poland, the city where he currently lives and works.

September 2010 / № 018

3 Passions simple but overwhelmingly strong have governed my life:
The Longing for Love
The Search for Knowledge
The Unbearable Pity for the Suffering of Mankind


Inspired by Bertrand Russell







More here.

July 2010 / № 015


Whilst working primarily as a commercial graphic designer & illustrator I never cease to pursue my primary goal which is to create.



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February 2010 / № 012


Here is a little something I did recently.

More here: www.studiokxx.com/works/exercise_practice/

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November 2009 / № 008


Finally, after couple of months of hard work and couple of sleepless nights StudioKxx is up and ready for more. Having redesigned the whole website as well as the studio’s core identity elements I uploaded a massive amount of new works and I feel like this is a fresh start for me.
Let’s Dance Everybody.


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September 2009 / № 004

Kx2 Relauch1

Hello everybody.

I am really happy to inform that the last couple of months were very busy here at StudioKxx. New projects for clients such as Nike and Sony Ericsson have been succesfuly delivered or have entered the final stage of production. Working 12 hours a day through 7 days a week I have also managed to completely redesign my website portfolio. All of this and much more will be a part of a StudioKxx Website Relaunch in October 09. Before this happens be sure to take a look at some of my latest works at Cargo or Krop.


Kx2 Relauch2



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