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Shanghai, China

French streetartist / Illustrator living in Shanghai. Known as Keflione, His Majesty Keflouis XIV, or Keflouis Vuitton. Keflouis comes from the Graffiti and Street Art movements, where the concepts of "egotrip" and "territoriality" are recurring elements. During a trip in Asia, he spent several months in the sultanate of Brunei Darussalam, on Borneo Island. The sultan, one of the wealthiest men in the world thanks to the extraction of oil, is called HM (His Majesty) by his people. In this case, the comparison with a dictatorial monarchy appeared to Keflouis as evidence; the reference to the Sultanate is direct, almost logical. Here, he staged himself as the ironic founder of a monarchy or a kingdom, and worked on the issues that a leader may encounter.

Collective Exhibition / 群展
Berto Martínez, Makode Linde, Nick Gentry, Jonatan Marmol, Keflione, Piacha, Conrad Roset

Duration / 展览日期: 2011.11.19 / 2011.12.12
Opening / 开放时间: 2011.11.19 / 5-8 pm

Pantocrátor Gallery
Barcelona . Berlin . Shanghai

M50. Moghanshan Rd. Bld. 4B 110. 200060
中国上海市M50, 莫干山路4B栋楼110室 200060
Shanghai. China


some pictures of my work in progress by Bureau 36:

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