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Warsaw, Poland

I am currently Head of McCann Design & Photo Studio in Poland. Before that i had worked as Design Director in Publicis Poland S.A, and before that i worked as Art Director in the same company. I have been 3 good years in industry and so far - i love my job ^_^' Visit me @ www.kacperspala.com
May 2014 / № 022

Project done for laughs mostly. Have fun :) , full project with a movie can be found HERE


Trendwhore Vader

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Full Project can be viewed HERE

Below featured work by Omash One


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March 2012 / № 017

I have rebranded one of the oldest audio recording studios in Poland – Studio Publishing.

Full project and story – Here


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March 2012 / № 013

Hello again!

We have just launched our brand new website with fresh works, so look it up!

Website : www.photokitchen.eu

Behance : http://www.behance.net/photokitchen

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/PhotokitchenRetouc

Below some pics to get you started :D

2 copy1 copyMade in India_04

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February 2011 / № 011


We are proud to present you Photokitchen – a place where delicious art is cooked daily!

logosy4_0000_Layer 14

Follow us on behnace
And visit our site !

Have a nice meal : )

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November 2010 / № 009

Hi there !

Two months ago i resigned from Head of Design Departament at McCann Erickson Poland. And now i am kind of ready to announce that im going to start “My own thing”.

The thing will be called Photokitchen and be a CGI studio focused on providing services for advertising photography.

This includes :

Render of provided 3D material
And some more.

Stay tuned for delicious fest once we open somewhere in January.


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Hello ! I have launched brand new portfolio, with new works and fresh look. Take a look, and leave me some feedback – here

Color Invention

I will keep this as updated as i can. More works incoming soon, so stay tuned : )


February 2010 / № 004

The collective that i belong to just happened to release new exhibition titled “Unleashed” . Be sure to check it, because it is full of good illustration and design.

^ this work was done by Tomin Vladimir for s3 collective.

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February 2010 / № 003

Well, hello there. Im glad im here, its my first post. Its a good coincidence because as of today i have brand new portfolio :) .

And thus i invite You to visit – www.kacperspala.com – for my works up to date. Im curious how do You feel about it.

Thats all for now,



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