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New York, USA

Joshua Liner is the owner / director of Joshua Liner Gallery located in New York’s Chelsea Arts District. Having owned and operated his own gallery for over eight years Joshua Liner presents an exciting roster of established and emerging artists from North America, Asia, and Europe. With a fresh focus on painting, these eclectic voices are informed by the urban street, Asian pop culture, American comics, and digital design, among other influences. Their work ranges from figurative realism, to surrealist fantasy, to geometric abstraction. The artists of Joshua Liner Gallery are at the cutting edge of contemporary art practices, incorporating new media technology, mixed-media sculpture, and collective models of production. Above all they reflect the cultural crosscurrents, dynamic energy, and decentralized nature of artmaking today.
February 2009 / № 003

Currently showing at Joshua Liner Gallery is New York based artist Travis Louie.

Before painting his cast of characters and monsters their life story comes first such as with his painting The Toad Prince:


After years of approaching young women with the promise that a kiss would turn him into a prince, he finally convinced a young lady with strange hair to kiss him on his moist lips. Unfortunately, she was afflicted with the “bad hair” and the toad merely turned into a larger human-size toad. He became much smellier and developed a taste for single malt scotch and sausages. His dreams to be a prince dashed, he became a criminal lawyer, croaking his way through court room trials for the next 40 years.

These are not digital works, nor are the drawings but rather meticulously painted, flawless acrylic works.

‘Curious Myths’ is on view at Joshua Liner Gallery through August 7th.

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