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New York, USA

Joshua Liner is the owner / director of Joshua Liner Gallery located in New York’s Chelsea Arts District. Having owned and operated his own gallery for over eight years Joshua Liner presents an exciting roster of established and emerging artists from North America, Asia, and Europe. With a fresh focus on painting, these eclectic voices are informed by the urban street, Asian pop culture, American comics, and digital design, among other influences. Their work ranges from figurative realism, to surrealist fantasy, to geometric abstraction. The artists of Joshua Liner Gallery are at the cutting edge of contemporary art practices, incorporating new media technology, mixed-media sculpture, and collective models of production. Above all they reflect the cultural crosscurrents, dynamic energy, and decentralized nature of artmaking today.

Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present Confiding to Strangers, an exhibition of new paintings by the San Francisco-based artist Tiffany Bozic. This is Bozic’s debut solo show at Joshua Liner.

Spanning the gallery’s two exhibition areas, Confiding to Strangers features twelve medium-sized works in acrylic on maple-wood panel and eighteen watercolor-on- paper works. All showcase Bozic’s meticulous, realist rendering of plant and animal subjects that recasts nature as fable. “Each painting is about the intimate struggles we share with other living creatures,” says Bozic. “I use examples from nature to help me describe these increasingly complex emotions, expanding my own metaphorical language. These works are small reminders that we are nature; connected to everything.”

Some of these intimate connections express harmony in existence, such as the pair of sugar gliders spooning in a nest of dogwood blossoms depicted in Oxytocin (a witty reference to the “cuddle hormone” of breastfeeding and maternal bonding). Other works suggest life’s inherent competition, such as Eat or Be Eaten, a tangle of frogs and bats consuming each other amid a bright bouquet of irises and gerberas. Still other works are more explicitly metaphorical though no less immediate, such as the mysterious Under My Skin, showing a welter of desert animals (armadillos, beetles, thorny devils) submerged below a landscape of parched earth, one lone dandelion pushing through like a hair from a follicle.

Self-taught, Bozic and her wide array of subjects are inspired by the artist’s extensive travels to wild places, as well as her study of research specimens at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. In her practice, Bozic has developed a complex process of masking and staining the maple panels she paints on, thus collaborating with the wood’s natural grain as she builds up compositions with thin layers of acrylic. Her work has the traditional air of Flemish still-life painting or tightly rendered illustrations, displaying a highly emotional range of fabulist themes.

Tiffany Bozic
Under My Skin
Acrylic on maple panel
42 x 32 in.

Tiffany Bozic 'Under My Skin'

Tiffany Bozic
Toxic Longing
Acrylic on maple panel
49 x 32 in.

Tiffany Bozic 'Toxic Longing'

Tiffany Bozic
Eat or Be Eaten
Acrylic on maple panel
24 x 18 in.

Tiffany Bozic 'Eat or Be Eaten'

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Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present The Humble and Sublime, an exhibition of new paintings by Miles “El Mac” MacGregor, a Phoenix-based mixed-media artist best known for graffiti-influenced mural projects worldwide. This is Mac’s debut solo show at Joshua Liner.

Working in acrylic on panel, spray paint on canvas, and mixed media on paper, Mac’s gallery-size works echo many of the themes, styles, and techniques seen in his large-scale mural projects. Foremost is the dynamic relationship of figure to ground. Inspired by cultures around the globe—from Mexico to Thailand—Mac generates an endless vocabulary of graphic patterns that serve as an active, signifying backdrop to lovingly detailed and humane portraits.

Children, women, and respected elderly figures (often depicted in monochrome) are all featured amid colorful fields of repeating marks—doodles, graffiti, even proto- language characters—which are transformed into vibrant overall pattern. Against this sea of marks, the carefully rendered and shaded figures take on added poignancy as all-too-human subjects caught in their “cultural context.” In the works omprising The Humble and Sublime, this mark-making mania infiltrates the figure itself, creeping across expanses of skin to infuse these subjects with an electric hum. They exist in multiple states—as portrait subjects with individual identities and as picture surfaces recording the pervasive creep of culture’s stamp.

An Arizona native, Mac draws inspiration from the surrounding Mexican and Chicano culture of the American Southwest, as well as religious art, pinup art, graffiti, and a wide range of canonical artists, including Caravaggio, Mucha, and Vermeer. In the late ’90s Mac began to paint large, technicolor aerosol versions of classic paintings by European masters. This led to a commission in 2003 by the Groeninge Museum in Bruges, Belgium, to paint interpretations of classic Flemish Primitive paintings from the museum’s collection—a peerless example of “the humble and sublime.”

El Mac - Untitled

El Mac - Vietnam Smoker

El Mac - Miami 2008 (w/ Retna)

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Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present Dave Kinsey: New Works, an exhibition of mixed-media paintings by the Los Angeles-based artist. This full-gallery show marks Kinsey’s debut solo exhibition at Joshua Liner and his first solo in nearly two years.

Working in acrylic, spray paint, paper, wood, and ink on canvas, Dave Kinsey’s works of raw emotion draw their energy, style, and often substance from abstract expressionism mixed with urban hieroglyphics. His dynamic figures are situated within multi-layered, multi-textured atmospheres of pure abstraction. These beings displaying a mixture of defiance, triumph, and tragedy—transmit their forceful spirit through Kinsey’s range of mediums, signature style, and a high-contrast color palette.

Among this suite of medium- to large-sized paintings, the Continuum series (I, II & III) makes a powerful impact with its repeated skull and flower imagery. Viewers peer through a transparent layer of ghostlike skulls (human, animal) to a second layer of delicately rendered flowers (roses, peonies) then even deeper to an explosive, silhouetted background of chaos that hints of classic graffiti tags. Serving as contemporary vanitas, these layers of wildly contrasting content and graphic styles resolve into complex, feeling-toned compositions.

Kinsey’s portrait paintings, like King of Pop, Radio in a Box, Black Rain, and Man from Topanga, enlist these gripping contrasts in color, mark-making, and layering into finely tuned portrayals of emotional extremes. Where figures’ physical features are shut down or lack obvious expression, color and abstract forms serve to reveal and cathect underlying psychological states.

The artist suggests an even deeper resonance in his depiction of extreme contrasts, writing, “In this new body of work I explore emotional and environmental boundaries as I perceive them, in the context of the growing discord between humanity and nature. In the cyclical reality of our physical existence, beauty and death are ultimately dancing partners.”


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August 2010 / № 004

Saturday August 14th Joshua LIner Gallery presents our annual Summer Group Exhibition showcasing 24 artists, including established gallery regulars, emerging artists, and newcomers to Joshua Liner Gallery. The exhibition will feature painting, assemblage, drawing, and sculpture, with works by:

Cleon Peterson, David Kassan, Dennis McNett, Evan Hecox, Ian Francis, James Roper, Jeremy Fish, Jessica Joslin, Kenichi Yokono, Kris Kuksi, Mac, Mi Ju, Mike Davis, Oliver Vernon, Pema Rinzin, Pete Watts, Ryan Bradley, Ryan McLennan, Shawn Barber, SWOON, Tat Ito, Tiffany Bozic, Tomokazu Matsuyama and Tony Curanaj.


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July 2010 / № 003

Currently showing at Joshua Liner Gallery is New York based artist Travis Louie.

Before painting his cast of characters and monsters their life story comes first such as with his painting The Toad Prince:


After years of approaching young women with the promise that a kiss would turn him into a prince, he finally convinced a young lady with strange hair to kiss him on his moist lips. Unfortunately, she was afflicted with the “bad hair” and the toad merely turned into a larger human-size toad. He became much smellier and developed a taste for single malt scotch and sausages. His dreams to be a prince dashed, he became a criminal lawyer, croaking his way through court room trials for the next 40 years.

These are not digital works, nor are the drawings but rather meticulously painted, flawless acrylic works.

‘Curious Myths’ is on view at Joshua Liner Gallery through August 7th.

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July 2010 / № 001

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