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Antwerp, Belgium

Bram is 19 years old and shares the same passion as his older brother. He's been developing his style since his first pen tool experiments in Illustrator about 5 years ago. Bram's style ranges from simple illustrations and typography to mixed media artwork. When he's not making art, Bram enjoys going out with friends, practice together with his brother, running the 400m and he can't resist to spend his money on clothes and new fancy accessories. He also run Wallpaperart.org, a blog constantly in search for the most incredible wallpaper art for your desktop. Wallpaperart aims to bring the art closer to the user by involving the artists through interviews, tutorials, contests and a lot more.

After completing my second year as student in Cross-Media design without any trouble. I used my vacation to spend more time with my girl, my passion – training athletics and illustrating.

This project is a result of experimenting with new techniques to illustrate portraits and a passion for stories from legendary athletes in track and field. Myself, Bram Vanhaeren ran my first race when I was 5 years old and still compete today. It’s my favorite sport and I love to spend my evenings on the track with my friends.

After picking some of my favorite athletes, having fun illustrating and playing with colors. I have decided to share it with you. Five illustrations, five stories, five legends. My love translated in colors.

You can find Step by Step animations & a free download for the Wallpaper pack – on the Behance Network

Legendary Olympians by Bram Vanhaeren
Legendary Olympians by Bram Vanhaeren
Legendary Olympians by Bram Vanhaeren
Legendary Olympians by Bram Vanhaeren

January 2012 / № 042

‎”As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” by Marianne Williamson.

January 2012 / № 040

‎”Yesterday was a good day” Dom Kennedy!

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December 2011 / № 037


“If you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win.” – Carl Lewis

Visit: BramVanhaeren.com

November 2011 / № 035


26 November 2011 , You Have Seen This All Before
You know that, you have seen this all before!” by Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man. Awesome song, I wish everyone a great Saturday night!

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November 2011 / № 033

24 November 2011 , Have No Fear
I’m gonna show you where it’s dark, but have no fear” from the amazing song; Nightcall by Kavinsky for the Drive movie starring Ryan Gosling.

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July 2011 / № 031

Good evening everyone! After taking this in consideration for a while, I’ve decided to bring back the opportunity to purchase resources and high resolution images from me! I’ve chosen 3 different packages this time. Two packages consists of high resolution images, for you to print at your local print service and decorate your room or workspace! The other package are three Photoshop files, for you to see and learn how I build my photo-manipulations and let you play with it! Later I will be using one off the Psd files and explain you some techniques. So it’s always useful to get these if you have any questions.

Go to the SHOP.

May 2011 / № 027

After the amazing response on my “Black & White” Project I was contacted by several persons with projects I could collaborate on. ESPN Magazine was one off them. As a big fan of sports and athlete myself I had a great time creating the portraits for their Magazine. The results were published in their May issue. Hopefully you like them and thanks to ESPN again for the lovely opportunity. Enjoy the colors!

Check out All the details and portraits on the Behance network.

Spot the awesome KDU Sticker on my macbook for school! Haha, Have a good weekend everyone!
Bram Vanhaeren for ESPN Magazine

Bram Vanhaeren for ESPN Magazine

“It’s Cool When You Freak On The Music” – Eric B. & Rakim

December 2010 / № 024

fire dancer wallpaper tutorial
“In this tutorial, Bram will show how easy it can be to create some powerful and energetic artworks with some basic techniques. You will work with illustrator to create some elements and line work and Photoshop to work with the fire and coloring.” – Find more information here.

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November 2010 / № 023

Creative Humans
I’m proud to present you my latest new project, Creative Humans, commissioned by DesignersCouch.org! You can find more information about it on my Behance, for the making, case study, wallpapers and t-shirts you should visit DesignersCouch.

November 2010 / № 021

do it yourself sourc package by Bram Vanhaeren
Hi friends, today I came up with something special. What about offering you a source package, consisting of high resolution files from 22 artworks and 2 more Photoshop files to experiment with? I’ve received some emails before, asking if it was possible to get the high resolution, so they could print it by them self and give the print to a friend. I found it always a great idea. You can choose your own print service, close to your home,school or print it yourself. Perfect for a Christmas gift (Yes it’s coming fast)!

Learn more about it!

September 2010 / № 020

Hype Art Book by Bram Vanhaeren

HYPE is a collection of commercial and experimental artworks of Bram Vanhaeren. A collection of work created over the last 20 months and some unique insights in the techniques he uses. This book was created to inspire other young artists, share techniques and give the reader a pleasant time exploring the works by Bram Vanhaeren.

September 2010 / № 019

Yes, the new case study video from my Panda wallpaper is finally ready! Thanks to my brother for the help! Please check out the Behance project for more information! Enjoy! Have a nice weekend everyone!

June 2010 / № 017

While the heat from the sun slowed me down on working on my new portfolio. I can now happily present you my new online portfolio. Hopefully you get inspired or just enjoy watching it, maybe you hate it. It happened before. But all I wanted is to start the summer as fresh as possible with a new website.

Visit www.BramVanhaeren.com

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