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London, United Kingdom

Illustrator, designer & amateur writer al'a critique, with a taste for typography, web, motion, print and digital fluff.
Opinionated, open-minded, disco dancing on the rave scene, scratchy itchy light englishman.

Daniel James Diggle is a creative working across illustration, print, digital and dabbling with motion. Having worked with a broad spectrum of clients, from adidas, Footlocker, Virgin Money, COI, The Economist, BT, Nesta and more, creative solutions have been produced to help innovate and develop brands and their relationships with the consumer.

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February 2009 / № 038


5125 typographic illustration.

Typographic piece created for a feature in Pilot magazine. Unfortunately not used in the end, but still a nice piece to have done. Reliefs on the stone work are taken from actual Mayan ruins and a KDU keystone is slipped into the image also. The illustration is based on the Mayan ‘end of cycle’ prediction.

The year 2012 signals the conclusion of one of the most ancient predictions ever made. The Mayan’s, an ancient and advanced civilisation of South America and experts in astronomy, predicted the end of the great cycle of ages in 2012, the Mayan year of 5125.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

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― Daniel J Diggle



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