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Madrid, Spain

I'm Diego L. Rodríguez, freelance illustrator, graphic designer & photographer based in Spain.

Since childhood I've been always passionate about cinema, graphics & music videos. I absorbed a lot of American music culture & Japanese visuals; they are probably the main reason behind my approach to digital graphics & photography.

After few years playing between cameras and swimming through different experiences in publicity, I decided to take my own way & explore the new possibilities in digital art & fashion photography. I've been working in Spain, Los Angeles (California) & Mexico D.F. (2009 - 2011). The experience in Mexico changed definitely my way of life and since then I'm freelancing and working for different clients around the globe.

Always hungry to experiment, work & create, I'm also Gallery Director at the Slashthree collective and recently joined The Keystone Design Union. You're invited to check my work at paranoidme.com & diegolrodriguez.com.

contact@ paranoidme.com

February 2009 / № 001


Hello KDU!

My name is Diego, illustrator, graphic designer & photographer from Spain; I go by the name of Paranoidme.
Recently joined the Keystone Design Union; I’m glad to be part of this huge & great collective.
Looking forward to keep working, creating and meet new creatives.

I invite you to check my works over the following links, thanks!:

Illustration / Graphics: paranoidme.com
Photography: diegolrodriguez.com



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