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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Denham the Jeanmaker was launched by Jason Denham in Amsterdam during the Spring of 2009. Associated with KDU by way of the union's unwritten Kindred Spirits Provision, the team at Denham focus on three simple design mantras when creating their range of denim and utility-tailored collection pieces; The Truth is in the Details, Worship Tradition/Destroy Convention, and Denham Design, Denim Integrity. The label's designers recognize they're working within a centuries old work and utility clothing tradition and are dedicated to pushing that tradition forward by hard-won increments. The team's process involves rigorous research into vintage design, continuos experimentation and an ambition to develop their own modest culture of invention.
February 2009 / № 036

This weekend Method Furniture will be premiering the METHOD x DENHAM “JOURNEYMAN” (a Steamer Trunk for a Jeanmaker) at the 100% Design Exhibition in Earls Court in London September 22-25.


How we got there? Way back before we had a real website (all of two-and-a-half years ago) we blogspotted about our Made in England denim and leather bags.  In that early posting we rhapsodized about the ingenuity of early luggage design with descriptions of Louis Vuitton’s pioneering innovations.  Flash forward to the present day and we’re now proud that our own modest approach to modern utility design caught the attention of the fledgling luxury furniture maker, Method Design in Scotland.

The respect between the design team at Denham and the team at Method was mutual from the onset.  We rant on and on about “worshipping tradition while destroying convention” while Callum Robinson and Marisa Giannasi had been busy crafting their own design concept based on exactly the same creative ethos.  Honestly we didn’t contribute that much to the project beyond cheering Callum and Marisa on from the sidelines as they undertook some 300+ hours of pure craft creation to realize our combined vision.  The result speaks for itself.

Stop by and see it along with their other sublime work if you’re in the neighborhood. If not, have a look for the movie and more details on the trunk at our website.



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