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David Gensler is President and Founder of The Keystone Design Union

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February 2009 / № 1278

KDU Partner and renowned artist Josh Vanover teamed with SVSV Founder David Gensler to produce a dark body of work entitled Graphical Degradation. The collaboration is set to continue throughout the year, exploring the darker side of the brand’s personality.


February 2009 / № 1281

Our in-house factory is humming, producing new designs daily. We have added light-weight summer designs in addition to a new technical cardigan and a fractured cashmere rugby. Visit our main site to see more.

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February 2009 / № 1272

As part of a long-term collaboration, Victor Antonio and SVSV Founder David Gensler
begin to explore a more tactile approach to their aesthetic story telling.

The imagery contains messages of revolution and rebirth, fueled by their shared disdain of a completely digital world.


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As we pursue the creation and craft of original garments, we inevitably produce waste materials.
In an effort to reduce this waste, we developed a modular system of patterns based around a single standard crew.

The modular system (15 Variations) allows for almost 100% yield of the selected fabrics, reducing all but the most superficial waste.


The system demands that each garment be cut individually with no two designs ever coming out the same. Individuality and exclusivity, achieved through process, not marketing, is a tenet of a New Luxury.


February 2009 / № 1250

Serum Venom set out to investigate how to push the limits of a modern workshirt, without compromising its classic appeal. We focused on combining the attention to detail and strength of military specification garments with the day to day functionality requirements of an urban existence. Our conclusion is a system of design we refer to as Street/Spec, which combines extreme tactical functionality with everyday comfort.

The Urbaneering Shirt has multiple function pockets, reinforced cuffs, lower placket tab closures, heavy duty under arm vents, rear hidden hang strap, reinforced front placket strap loops, authentic vintage metal workwear button, side tension stash pocket and reinforced universal internal seams.
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February 2009 / № 1246

Serum Venom adheres to no seasonal fashion calendar and develops no traditional garment collections – believing these systems are out dated and produce waste. Instead, we focus on continually developing and improving our designs. Each week we will be debuting original designs or extreme modifications and improvements to existing designs. Our goal is to develop a truly better product, not just something new.

Geometric Camo Hoodie. Various Japanese Knit Jersey + Bamboo + Hemp.
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February 2009 / № 1240

KDU Partner and visual artist Josh Vanover is currently working on a new body of work in collaboration with SVSV Founder David Gensler which will debut this summer. The theme will focus on the decay of the current fashion industry and its eventual rebirth.


February 2009 / № 1232
February 2009 / № 1214

Victor Antonio x David Gensler for SVSV
The continuation of a dialogue between two friends, rooted in the modern critical theory of consumerism’s effect on value in the digital age.
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February 2009 / № 1205

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Serum Venom prepares to re-debut at New York Men’s Market Week. New designs will be developed and shown weekly leading up to market launch in mid July. Here is an advance preview of next week’s special edition summer shirts.

Press and Buyers please contact general@serumvenom.com to schedule a private appointment to view the showroom and factory.

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February 2009 / № 1202


Please view the feature here. BIG thanks to all our friends in the media who have continued to show support for the relaunch. true thanks.

David Gensler

February 2009 / № 1199


Special thanks for Kevin Ma at Hypebeast for the support. Please view the feature here.

David Gensler

February 2009 / № 1195

It is always an honor to have friends and colleagues in the media support our efforts, especially those that are personal projects. Much thanks to Art & Hustle for being the first media partner to support our recent relaunch of SVSV.

Please view the interview here.


-David Gensler

February 2009 / № 1189



Originally launched in 2003 as a private, bespoke brand, Serum Versus Venom was always more of an experiment in art and propaganda than a traditional fashion house.
Now, after several years of exploration into it’s own identity, practices and ambition, the brand re-emerges with more commercial aspirations.

“The ethos of SVSV has always been “anti-mass” serving as a platform for myself and my partners to communicate an alternative vision to an industry
driven entirely by sales. We have always focused on putting the concept, quality, materials and construction before the bottom line… now we are returning with a new
balance, hopefully allowing us to engage a much wider reaching audience”
-David Gensler, Founder, SVSV

Picture 3

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February 2009 / № 1178


Longtime friends, Osamu Koyama and David Gensler collaborated to produce a series of hand crafted, antique tailoring shear pendants. The project pays tribute to David Gensler’s extensive personal collection of tailoring shears, which number over 800 and span some 450 years of sartorial history.

Focusing on three styles of shears, English, French and American, the collaboration took 6 months to finalize, with each master design being hand carved by Osa. Limited runs will be sold directly by SVSV and will come in a variety of materials including pure gold, silver and brass.

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