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Brooklyn, USA

David Gensler is President and Founder of The Keystone Design Union


I was instantly in love with Prague. The city is straight out of the middle ages… from the 500 year old astrological clock to the narrow, dimly lit alley streets.
The most inspirational aspect was the strong presence of hot boutiques in the city center. All the latest brands from around the world were juxtaposed with antique stores, amazing vintage camera stores and an endless selection of hand made marionette stores. I acquired two amazing hand carved puppets from the local traditional folklore – one was the Devil and the other was the Dead. We stayed in a haunted attic in the city center… a strange experience to say the least. I found no street wear – but I did discover the best vintage military store in a local flea market. Anyone looking to detach from modernity should visit Prague.
-David Gensler

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