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David Gensler is President and Founder of The Keystone Design Union

February 2009 / № 575


One thing that stands out clearly is while the fashion element of Streetwear is not always strong in more obscure European cities, other elements of the culture are ever present. Hip Hop music is the universal glue that binds the culture together, regardless of country or city… but a more powerful, individualistic movement is graffiti. Literally in the most remote corner of the most ancient city, you find layers of hand tags and large murals. In Budapest, the youth culture collides with the cities ancient past. The mighty Danube river cuts the city in two parts, connected by one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe. I would recommend staying at the Four Seasons with a view of the river. The service simply rivaled anything we experienced on the trip and the food was more than noteworthy. The Christmas market was still in full swing and we consumed local foods and shopped for local leather goods. During our stay in Budapest, we rescued a 8 week old Puppy, which we named Buda… he now lives in NYC with us.
-David Gensler




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David Gensler

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