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August 2012 / № 037

As a new member of The Keystone Design Union, I’ve decided to design my promo piece.

Hope you guys like it!

New site incl. new works coming up soon, www.danielmatakupan.com

KDU 2.0

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August 2012 / № 031

Hello KDU staff and members,

So this is my very first post.

First i would like to thank the KDU Team and David Gensler and David Son for gaving me the opportunity to join this great and creative family.

My name is Daniël Matakupan. I’m a freelance illustrator residing in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. In the past few years I’ve worked for clients such as  TEDx Amsterdam, Sanoma Media, Publish Magazine, Funkrush Clothing and more. And now is a proud member of the KDU.

Currently I’m working on my version 2 website (with an huge update) but you can follow me on networks such as: Twitter, Behance, LinkedIn or Dribbble

Hope you like my work!

Posted by Daniël Matakupan Categorized: Art Design The KDU Web

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