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Brooklyn, NY, USA

A student of philosophy and art at Skidmore College, Cole Giordano now works in the fields of photography, drawing/illustration, design, and modeling, and dabbles in writing. A die hard punk rock fan, Cole has also been playing in bands that can be heard around the New York area for the past 5 years, and continues to do so.

Last Tuesday was international “Go Skateboarding Day!” – a day where all skateboarders are called to the streets to show their commitment to, and the unbelievable popularity of skateboarding. Events took place all over the country and all over the world. Here in New York City, the day started at the new Maloof Money Cup skatepark in Queens, went through Manhattan, and ended just down the street from my apartment at McCarren Park in Brooklyn. There were contests, obstacles, dj’s, girls giving out Red Bull, giveaways, and literally hundreds of skateboarders. I went hoping to both skate and photograph, but the crowd was so huge that I decided to stay off the board and behind the camera. Here are some shots from the finale of the day at McCarren Park.






The day ended with a competition for the longest ollie off flat ground.



The winner ollied 21 boards (14-15ft) placed next to each other.


After the competition was over, the sponsors threw free hats, tees, dvds, and even decks in a raucous crowd chanting “Free Shit! Free Shit! Free Shit!”


Good day.

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