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Brooklyn, NY, USA

A student of philosophy and art at Skidmore College, Cole Giordano now works in the fields of photography, drawing/illustration, design, and modeling, and dabbles in writing. A die hard punk rock fan, Cole has also been playing in bands that can be heard around the New York area for the past 5 years, and continues to do so.
August 2012 / № 144

Hey KDU I just launched a new website. Please check it out!

Here’s a little preview:




For more check out colegiordano.com

July 2012 / № 138

6 months ago I was lucky enough to get to join the crew behind 43 magazine – the only skateboard mag based out of NYC, and a creative and artistic approach to skateboarding through the eyes of some of the worlds best skateboard photographers. Issue 002 has been on the stands long enough now that I can share a preview for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. It’s available in skateshops and independent book stores around the world. Go grab yourself while they’re still out there.






Another great session with NYC based, professional skateboarder Josh Zickert. Here he is with an amazing “hippie jump” on the Bowery.

hippie jump

For more from my session with him check out Cole Giordano Photography

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February 2012 / № 123

With this late February heat wave, it feels more like we’re living in California then New York recently, but I’m not complaining. The warm weather has only further enabled everyone to get out be active and be creative. Here are some shots for my skateboarding series from Brooklyn this past weekend:



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December 2011 / № 113

In November I went down to visit some family friends in Buenos Aires. Here are some photos from my trip there. It was a truly incredible time.









The KDU at El Casa Rosa (The Pink House) – The house of the Argentine President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

I didn’t want to overload the KDU site so to see more from this trip and my other work please visit my site: Cole Giordano Photography .

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My story on the movement of skateboarding from sub-culture to mainstream media for The Hook magazine. Click here to see the fall issue and read the full article based on my interview, and that of Doug Brown at 2nd Nature skateshop, on the rise in popularity of skateboarding in Westchester and New York City over the past decade.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

November 2011 / № 102




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November 2011 / № 097

50 year old professional photographer and life long skateboarder Charlie Samuels carves up the pool at Chelsea Piers. And, thanks to his efforts, the pool at the Saratoga Springs skate park has been dug out after 2 years of being filled with dirt and made skateable once again (see my last post). Also, keep an eye out for Charlie’s upcoming film, Virgin Blacktop about “Life, death and brotherhood on a suburban N.Y. skateboard team.”

(last 2 photographs feature anonymous skateboarders)





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Recently the pool, or bowl, at the skatepark in Saratoga Springs, NY was filled with dirt and rendered un-skateable. The city claimed they were forced to cut park employees and the pool was deemed too hazardous to be part of the new “skate at your own risk” policy. Since then, local skaters and the people of the town have been trying to get the city to remove the dirt from the pool, even offering to dig it out themselves. It’s one of the oldest pools on the East Coast, and as a skater from New York I know how rare and special it is to have access to one (there are only a handful more in the Northeast even now). With the exponential increase of popularity and interest in skateboarding over the past few years, removing the bowl is like removing a soccer or baseball field from a public park. Please visit Save the Skatepark for more information, or better yet, sign the petition to have the dirt removed. Here are some photos I took of the bowl at the park while at school in Saratoga:

Photo 2

Photo 8

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5


Photo 7

Photo 1

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August 2011 / № 087




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Back to the Fun Haus where my friends have made some changes to the skatepark taking root in their basement. In addition to putting masonite down over the once splitery plywood ramp, they’ve added a truly gnarly vert wall extension. With spare banks and boxes propped against walls for makeshift transfers, there’s hardly a corner of the room that’s unskateable now.




As you can see, it’s unbelievably cramped in there, (note the pipe sticking into the left side of the vert wall), but incredibly fun to skate and shoot.

See more here: Cole Giordano Photography

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Last Tuesday was international “Go Skateboarding Day!” – a day where all skateboarders are called to the streets to show their commitment to, and the unbelievable popularity of skateboarding. Events took place all over the country and all over the world. Here in New York City, the day started at the new Maloof Money Cup skatepark in Queens, went through Manhattan, and ended just down the street from my apartment at McCarren Park in Brooklyn. There were contests, obstacles, dj’s, girls giving out Red Bull, giveaways, and literally hundreds of skateboarders. I went hoping to both skate and photograph, but the crowd was so huge that I decided to stay off the board and behind the camera. Here are some shots from the finale of the day at McCarren Park.






The day ended with a competition for the longest ollie off flat ground.



The winner ollied 21 boards (14-15ft) placed next to each other.


After the competition was over, the sponsors threw free hats, tees, dvds, and even decks in a raucous crowd chanting “Free Shit! Free Shit! Free Shit!”


Good day.

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June 2011 / № 056

airplane ollie






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June 2011 / № 052

Here are some shots from a series I did recently while out skateboarding. The life, vitality, action, and creativity of skateboarding as well as the colorful characters who do it, will always make it an interesting subject to photograph.


Even when the unintended happens. It can still make for a great moment.



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