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Apr 2014 / № 11800

This is a poster set created for Adult Swim for channel promotion.

Please visit here for more detail. Thanks!

Havrey birdmand

aqua teen

METALOCALYPSERobot ChickenThe Venture Brosb

Jul 2012 / № 10837

Hey, here are my new illustrations for a group exhibition in Hong Kong.

The idea is player 1 VS player 2.
Each illustration features my favorite shooting game and action game characters.
When the 2 illustrations put together, it looks like 2 groups of characters battling against each other.
For more detail, please visit the link here, thanks : )
Jun 2012 / № 10730
May 2012 / № 10693
May 2012 / № 10679

This illustration is for Slashthree Exhibition 18: Fair Tales


Feb 2012 / № 10026

Hey KDU friends!
I released a new version of my website today with new design, projects & content sections.

It is worth mentioning that I had the opportunity to produce some illustrations for the HBO’s show How To Make It In America, part of a promotional campaign for the Season II.

The City That Never Sleeps / KC

I invite you to check the full HTMIIA project and the other brand new content on my spaceship.

Thanks in advance for your time, and see you around!

Feb 2012 / № 9918

Winning the TPG Grand Prix gave me the opportunity to rock an entire tramway in Geneva, Switzerland. My 44 metres long “baby” is finally on tracks during 2 months! Jeez!!





Jan 2012 / № 9871
Jan 2012 / № 9792


Hello KDU!

Thanks for having me, I’m more than proud to have the opportunity to represent the KDU and to be part of this super talented network.

I’m looking forward to meet some of you guys and have the opportunity to collaborate with you all!

If you want to take a look at my works and drop me a line feel free to visit www.nicolantonazzo.com

Thank you!


Jan 2012 / № 9641


Hello KDU!

My name is Diego, illustrator, graphic designer & photographer from Spain; I go by the name of Paranoidme.
Recently joined the Keystone Design Union; I’m glad to be part of this huge & great collective.
Looking forward to keep working, creating and meet new creatives.

I invite you to check my works over the following links, thanks!:

Illustration / Graphics: paranoidme.com
Photography: diegolrodriguez.com

Dec 2011 / № 9583
Dec 2011 / № 9570

When the space men leave the area everyone comes out to play!


Here are a series of shirt and hoodie graphics I did for the Peter Says Denim Company a year ago for their summer collection.


Dec 2011 / № 9535

Here is a sneak peek on what I have been working on. A few months ago I hung out with the good folks at the Aye!Denim Jakarta HQ and discussed about designing some shirt graphics to add to their latest collection. A full preview will be available as they get ready to launch their products for the next season.


Dec 2011 / № 9515

Hello this is Man-Tsun from Hong Kong. Nice to meet you all.
Here is my recent work which is the poster art for Hong Kong U Animate & Cosplay Show!

Purple Ninji




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