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Jul 2010 / № 4295
Apr 2010 / № 3635

Two new galleries on Behance to view after this short break. New works, exhibited as seen. More here.

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Sep 2009 / № 708

Hello guys,
it’s been some time since I’ve put new stuff online ( ha! ) and I think soon it’s time again.
Been working on a lot of new things, typo’s, Illustration etc for Beautiful Decay, Digital Arts, Ryan Leslie, to name a few of them.
Also everything will be served on a brand new site,including a new domain ( iammago.com )and coded in flash!!!

Here’s a little pre-promo for you! =)

Sep 2009 / № 603


I thought I should try the cargocollective thing. I found it interesting and quite nice & simple. So I started to upload stuff there; quickly I found out that I didn’t update my portfolio from a while so I started to upload new stuff and still uploading. So please show me some love and if you feel like sharing please do, if not recycle it and get over it.




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