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Sep 2009 / № 1000


NO! typographic organic illustration.

Organic and structural typographic illustration, created with Faber Castil and Rotring technical pens. A mass of tangled branches and coral-like fans entwined with sharp structural forms. A sparrow hides amongst the branches guarding her eggs.  Hidden amongst the elements is the words ‘NO!’ – this can be seen best via the development images – meaning hidden amongst the mass. Set to be a limited run screen-print.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

― Daniel J Diggle

Sep 2009 / № 984

Wooden Toy Quarterly and Semi-Permanent presents Lyrics and Type.

Exhibition starts on the 9th October at the Gorker Gallery http://www.gorkergallery.com/gorker_home.html

http://www.woodentoyquarterly.com  http://www.semipermanent.com


Sep 2009 / № 809


A piece completed for a recent exhibition held in East London, United Kingdom.

The Noise of Art exhibition showcased works by a host of London based artists and creatives, each using a 12 inch vinyl record as their canvas.

Silent Noize is an organic typographic piece, which, after discovering rotring pens don’t take well to metallic based inks, was painted onto the vinyl base – the record itself being ‘Deaf Stereo’.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

― Daniel J Diggle




Some beauty photography with some beautiful typography from PILOT issue #1

Sep 2009 / № 606

Where is the love

Random design from my Moleskine. Ballpoint pens.

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