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Dec 2013 / № 11755

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This year again, I was commissioned by the French Consulate in Wuhan to design the “FETE DE LA MUSIQUE” poster.
On the 21rst & 22nd of June, Wuhan, China.

My first idea was to have that massive golden bling, a hiphop cliché in the West, which is also worn by some Chinese sketchy guys.

Both Precious and show-off.

It s the first title I design mixing latin-letters with chinese-characters. Once in a while it’s cool to use colors also.

fete de la musique 2013


fete de la musique wuhan 2013

fete de la musique 2013 wuhan



Stroke view :

fete de la musique 2013

fete de la musique 2013 keflouis

mobile version :

weibo-fete de la musique mobile

Apr 2013 / № 11616

A set of limited edition typographic posters, designed in collaboration with 55Hi’s.


Jan 2013 / № 11434


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Jan 2013 / № 11427
Nov 2012 / № 11383
Aug 2012 / № 11091


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Aug 2012 / № 11053


‘Crack Whips Ride Hard’ / Mixed Media

This is an old type piece, rather than scrap it, I thought the you may like it.

Completed in three colours, black on white has more impact. Reviewing various + & – of using mixed media.

This is only a reference piece that has been printed, although it looks pretty good on screen.

‘Don’t write slogans, write truths’ – Joe Strummer


Jun 2012 / № 10744


LYDON/Art/Type & Elements

It is Jubillee time here in Old Blighty, and what better way to celebrate than to see John Lydon reminding us of one of the most valued, pressed vinyls to ever be released originally on A&M. Released during the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977 to much criticism, it remains highly controversial.

The original cover artwork was completed by the serious British artist Jamie Reid. The piece above however is just for kicks.


Jun 2012 / № 10721

Mayan 2012 Calendar - Wallpaper - final HD signature

Mayan Surf Shop HD signature

YouTube Preview Image

Read about these at:



Apr 2012 / № 10351
Mar 2012 / № 10271

Steve Czajka - Gothic Identity -- Letterpress Version

This is my first post on theKDU.net!  Yeah! I had a look at a few profiles and I am honored to be a part of this group as there is some amazing talent here.  I look forward to working with you and creating some awesome products!  Check out my gallery of works at: http://steveczajka.posterous.com


Feb 2012 / № 10119


Vanguard Atelier for KDU x ENK  / Media Design LabTMRWTODAY

‘TMRWTODAY is the active media experience for ENK/TMRW. TMRWTODAY exists to amplify the ideas and actions used to create a progressive future for fashion.’

A hand drawn & brush pen type was used in the initial stages to create this graphic. Honoured to be given the opportunity to offer my first vision toward the future of fashion. Boom!


Jan 2012 / № 9678

‎”As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” by Marianne Williamson.

Jan 2012 / № 9627

‎”Yesterday was a good day” Dom Kennedy!

Check out the full #AnIdeaEveryday gallery



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