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Sep 2010 / № 4946

KDU 3.0


David Gensler

thekduAs we prepare to debut some new press, new ideas, new movements – I will first take the time to recap the first five years.

Special thanks to all the editors and writers that have supported us along the way, giving us a voice.

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David Gensler

May 2010 / № 4011


When you voice a strong opinion…
You are always going to have a split reaction.
Some people will love what you are saying and some will hate.

6+ years after starting the KDU, the opinions are still coming strong – but the hate from
anonymous people still gets overshadowed by the love from members and clients. This is what matters to me -
I laugh in the faces of the haters.

What would I be without the opposition? I dare not think.

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David Gensler

Screen shot 2010-05-28 at 4.10.31 PM

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David Gensler

Looking back, I think The Brilliance was the first in-depth interview regarding the newly formed KDU.

Chuck and Ben (and Virgil) have been doing their thing for a long time – and doing it well.



Also, one of the first posts regarding SVSV and the first campaign that Chuck collaborated on.

David Gensler

May 2010 / № 3949


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David Gensler

Thanks to a successful 2009, the KDU was able to expand our old office & studio to include a new 4500 Square Foot Consulting office, and a 2800 Square foot Executive Penthouse. The new space is designed to be a warm and comfortable “lodge,” filled with art and objects from around the world.

The new outdoor make over will be complete in 2 weeks and will consist of a new outdoor photographic shooting wall, new privacy fence and lush gardens.

Mar 2010 / № 2997


Unlike any place I have visited on earth… Iceland is magical.

I have never experienced more beautiful emptiness.
-David Gensler

David Gensler

It was a pleasure and an honor to be invited to Guangzhou by Ogilvy.
We are co-developing a 500 piece special collection for 361 Sports for the 2010 All Asian Games.

Much, much more to come.

Special thanks to Frangelica Liang from Ogilvy China and Mr. Ding from 361 for selecting the KDU for this enormous design challenge.
A note for all American Sportswear brands… truly beware the great tide from the east!






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Jan 2010 / № 2255

Special thanks to ISH magazine in Singapore for featuring the Keystone Design Union and SVSV.
9.5 low res
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Jan 2010 / № 2224

SR119 is
Carbon Dater
for Carbon Dating
An architect, photographer and a graf writer walk into a bar…
My three guised men, ill advised once again.
Oh by night, Oh by night… from the acts of construction, observation and destruction this product of defacement did form.

Carbon Dater is a black diamond-tipped carbon pen for writing and illustrating directly into glass… for carbon dating

Specifically – A .30 carat black diamond set in milled brass claw, fixed to a hand tooled lazer engraved inanimate carbon rod, presented in an inked 304piece hinged cardboard box.





Shot too close by Marino Thorlacius in Iceland. http://marino.is/
Glass Illustration echo etched by the hand of Jón Páll Halldórsson http://www.icelandtattoo.com/


David Gensler

Jan 2010 / № 2216

Hand Typography by Manchester based KDU member Daren Newman for Serum Versus Venom (SVSV).  




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Jan 2010 / № 2213

Creative Directed by David Gensler and Photographed by Phil Knott, this shoot took place for URB magazine. 
We used the famous Electric Lady Studio which was the NYC home of Jimmy Hendrix.  

Erika is one cool lady, allowing us to explore various set ups for half the night.   She also personally shoots with a Leica M8…
which if you have not had the chance to shoot with – it is a truly amazing photographic tool.  



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One of the early photo shoots for URB was with rapper B.O.B. – Creative Directed by David Gensler and photographed Phil Knott.
Extra thanks to Nick and friends at Boundless NYC for allowing us to use their store as a photo studio.  Extra thanks to Alife and SSUR for providing the fashion.


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The Keystone Design Union x Jay Electronica x Urb

Another shoot by Phil Knott, Creative Directed by David Gensler.  Another special thanks to Boundless NYC for allowing us the use of the store and supplying the fashion. Jay was great to work with and allowed us to explore many set ups and ideas.   



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