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Aug 2012 / № 11069
Jan 2012 / № 9772

The New York Types Letterpress Art Show runs until Jan. 5, 2012 at the ADC Gallery. This show includes the work of ten KDU Core Members: Josh Vanover, Michael Spitz, Sara Blake, Magomed Dovjenko, PJ Richardson, Daren Newman, Wesley Eggebrecht, Typozon, Pete Leonard and Amenth (THMD).




The Keystone Design Union is proud to partner with acclaimed publisher IdN in the development of the first ever KDU Book. The project will debut in 2011 and include an overview of the collective’s key work, philosophies and secrets. More information to come next month regarding launch date and availability.

Aug 2011 / № 8743

Legendary British streetwear brand Addict taps The Keystone Design Union for its Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. Several iconic KDU designs were customized for Addict’s high profile collaboration series. Special thanks to KDU Member Jay Hamdaoui on uniting our brands.



Aug 2011 / № 8745

Sportswear giant Nike collaborates with The KDU on Motocross inspired 6.0 designs.


As part of a long-term collaboration, Victor Antonio and SVSV Founder David Gensler
begin to explore a more tactile approach to their aesthetic story telling.

The imagery contains messages of revolution and rebirth, fueled by their shared disdain of a completely digital world.


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May 2011 / № 7948


Please read the interview here

Feb 2011 / № 7128

This issue was curated by KDU partner, Josh Vanover, KDU Core member, Victor Antonio and KDU Founder, David Gensler.
Containing over one hundred original images produced by top KDU members, it represents our continuing effort to crate the future while resisting the Digital Haze and Hype.

*Magazine contains some adult content*


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Jan 2011 / № 7080

After a productive self-initiated exile from the market, our private design and fashion label, Serum Versus Venom prepares for re-launch. Founded in 2005 as a reaction to the ubiquity of modern streetwear, SVSV will boldly attempt to follow in our own initial footsteps into the avant garde.



David Gensler

Jan 2011 / № 7055


SVSV Re-Launch Campaign just wrapped.

David Gensler

Dec 2010 / № 6370


This is an experiment with the new KDU identity language and motion. The goal was to add another dimension of fun to an already expansive new visual narrative.

Creative Direction: David Gensler, Jared Liner.
Lead Animation, Vladimir Tomin / Space-Jump

David Gensler

Nov 2010 / № 6314
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Sep 2010 / № 4979

leica_iconrmxI have never purchased a new brand and fell faster in love. Leica is simply the finest tool I have used.

Working with various KDU members, we are paying homage to the brand with a few graphical remixes.

The first is from the monster, Magomed Dovjenko.  I got Magomed into photography last New Year with a Nikon d70.
Maybe this year he will upgrade to a nice used M8 or a new X1.

David Gensler

Sep 2010 / № 4948


An image shot by friend, Designer and KDU member, Emeric Trahand at KDU studios.
This was taken while I was photographing Justin Maller for his interview for YAW.

Check out Emeric’s professional work here

David Gensler



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