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Hello everyone!

So it has been quite a while since I last updated my blog which isn’t that good, but on the upside I have a few projects to share!

This painting here is my first project of 2012 , purely experimental, trying to learn different styles of painting & techniques inspired by two of my favourite artists Danny LuVisi & Reid Southen. I hope you enjoy.



This here is a wallpaper I created for Desktopography 2011. Check out the exhibit here | Download all sizes here

Revenge Is Beautiful

These next two projects were created for Evoke One’s 26th exhibit “Evoke III“. I had a lot of fun creating both projects.

Larger |  Rapture –   Altercation



View all projects in detail herehttp://www.behance.net/TheKyza

So that’s pretty much all for now, but a lot of new work on the way so keep your eyes pealed! Thanks for viewing!

Dec 2011 / № 9498

Hello everybody, here is finally my promotional piece for the KDU. Thanx again to the KDU for the invitation & trust. Truly thrilled. The KDU rocks!


Nov 2011 / № 9371

Hello! Very excited to become a part of The KDU. I look forward to getting to know and collaborating with the talented members of this network. Thanks to David for inviting me to join.

As an introduction to what I do, here are two images that represent my style as a beauty and fashion photographer, both from editorials published in the last two years:

Jeff Mikkelson - Highlights Magazine

Highlights Magazine

Culture Magazine

Culture Magazine


The Keystone Design Union is proud to partner with acclaimed publisher IdN in the development of the first ever KDU Book. The project will debut in 2011 and include an overview of the collective’s key work, philosophies and secrets. More information to come next month regarding launch date and availability.

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Sportswear giant Nike collaborates with The KDU on Motocross inspired 6.0 designs.


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Check my latest project, few illustrations for The KDU, learn more here

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Destroy The Machines

Depthcore collective have just launched their new chapter “Obsolete” alongside their new website. The piece, Destroy The Machines was re-worked to become part of the chapter. Check out the great Depthcore works here.

The human hands that built their own cage, rise up and strike against the metal bars of their self made oppression. Fighting under one banner and crying in chorus, “Destroy The Machines”..

kdu_bullet1Development images here.

― Daniel J Diggle



May 2011 / № 7998

My name is François Leroy, a self-taught from France actually working as a Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer, and this is my first post here.

I’m truely honored to post on the KDU Network, sharing my work with the best artists community.

For a start, I have worked on two promotionnal pieces, now visible on my online portfolio. Also, I’m currently working for the next DACS exhibition “Episode”.



May 2011 / № 7948


Please read the interview here

Apr 2011 / № 7790

After several years in hibernation, The KDU is finally relaunching its SVSV fashion line to the general market.

The full collection, web store and physical Brooklyn boutique will launch in May.

To celebrate the upcoming launch, we have decided to release a special collaboration between SVSV and KDU founder, David Gensler and LA based KDU member, Victor Antonio.

“Traveling the world over the past two years inspired me to relaunch the brand. Seeing Victor’s work inspired me to begin shooting my own photography again and be more involved in the day to day process of art and writing. I founded the KDU with my own designs and art and it is time to return, bringing back my own vision.” – David Gensler




Victor and I collaborated for some time playing with various critical theories, philosophies, poetry and prose that we found represented the DNA of what we wanted to convey in this new collection and body of work.

“The entire SVSV brand has always been more about art than fashion and I think this reaffirms that.” – David Gensler

Please view the series here.


New Serum Versus Venom hand crafted Icon Series by KDU Core Member Daren Newman.

Apr 2011 / № 7674


Destroy The Machines

Originally started for the latest KDU solstice magazine. Not quite finished in time, I submitted The Roots instead. Now after retrieving the pencil sketch, starting to ink it. I’m using a slightly rougher, more textured approach on this one, fibre tip pens replacing the technical and cross hatching taking up the brunt of the shading. This is a work in progress, check the flickr link below for updates over the coming days.

kdu_bullet1Development images here.

― Daniel J Diggle















Book Cover Design

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