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Jan 2011 / № 6728





The KDU x Brooklyn Machine Works x Tokyo

The Keystone Design Union has teamed with legendary independent bike company Brooklyn Machine Works.
Early 2011 will mark the brand relaunch with expanded product range, new website, new collaborations and more.

Dec 2010 / № 6707

My entry for the Art 4 Dilla competition, a contest honoring the legendary J Dilla. Vote here please: http://www.art4dilla.com/entry/176/

Oliver Barrett  |  http://www.ohbarrett.com  |  ohbarrett@ohbarrett.com

design_xmas4_600A Christmas card illustration for New Zealand leading interactive agency Shift and the parent company TBWA Tequila.

“This year rather than giving small gifts to the clients, we decided to give one large gift to the the charity!”

Have a safe and happy Christmas people!


Nov 2010 / № 6325

Creative Humans
I’m proud to present you my latest new project, Creative Humans, commissioned by DesignersCouch.org! You can find more information about it on my Behance, for the making, case study, wallpapers and t-shirts you should visit DesignersCouch.

Nov 2010 / № 6087

This is a play on the idea of “trust.” The laughing/spotted hyena is often viewed as a treacherous scavenger, stealing prey from other predators. In the Mtwara Region of Tanzania, it is believed that a child born at night while a hyena is crying will likely grow up to be a thief. I thought that the juxtaposition of a seedy creature, such as the hyena, and the honorable KDU creates a dynamic image that provokes a question of who is trustworthy? The obvious answer is that you can indeed trust the KDU.

Oliver Barrett  |  http://www.ohbarrett.com  |  ohbarrett@ohbarrett.com

Nov 2010 / № 5882

do it yourself sourc package by Bram Vanhaeren
Hi friends, today I came up with something special. What about offering you a source package, consisting of high resolution files from 22 artworks and 2 more Photoshop files to experiment with? I’ve received some emails before, asking if it was possible to get the high resolution, so they could print it by them self and give the print to a friend. I found it always a great idea. You can choose your own print service, close to your home,school or print it yourself. Perfect for a Christmas gift (Yes it’s coming fast)!

Learn more about it!




view more of my work here: ohbarrett.com

Email me: ohbarrett@ohbarrett.com

Honored to be associated with such a huge group of talented people.

Cheers from Cleveland.

Oct 2010 / № 5650



This is the first installment from a private study group that was started a month or so ago. The artists involved are handpicked specifically for their creative ability within their chosen field, ranging from illustration and digital art to photography. Brief #1 concentrated on evolution of species within the environment. The choice of image here represents, irregular sturdy geometry, a spider nest, a shadow and the arachnid itself, four basic perceptions. Early days for the group, seeking to expand a web and print presence with a view to exhibit at a later date.

View the full screen grabs and image set here.


Oct 2010 / № 5510


My latest illustration for – YAW – “You Are We”


Sep 2010 / № 5291



As common practice, when traveling, further afield or inland, ’spare time’ is not really down time. To feed creativity and research, it is just natural to gravitate towards ‘living’ creatively deepening Art interests. I have a great admiration for older architecture and construction methods aswell as photography. The opportunity to merge the two is a positive.

Studio stock images for Print. Vienna.


Sep 2010 / № 5277

PUNKFORCEMAJORA type treatment and effect experiment. The central smashed effect and small background shards were all made of separate vector elements. The Smashed edges are a reworked graphic from the internet which was altered to move it away from the original. The type was slightly re-weighted with various layers / overlays to create the finished  graphic.


Sep 2010 / № 5262

Cutters of Cloth logoCutters of Cloth Direction

Cutters of Cloth / ÆSTHETIC HABIT – For this project I worked closely with two highly talented individuals to develop a format and Art Direction for the initial impact of the web identity. The creation of  the logo infuses a hand made and rough cast image reflective of manual work. The profile for the project is to address a direct need for handmade independent fashion / high costume, with a balanced neutral Masculine & Feminine quality to the intended articles, using a mixture of Cloth, Leather, minimal color value and embellishments.

Art Direction, Photography & Print within dramatic scenery will be the main artistic visual driving force.


TorqueTorque close upTorque close up 2

Kick starting the blog with my new piece. Essentially, this work was created as a sensory image to convey the balance of stability within a broken structure of complexity and fluidity. Philosophy also. There are a few basic elements used for the framework, the color choice is to reflect a more organic movement without being ’solid’ in aesthetic, and also to continually move the eye around the design. ( above – 1 image & 2 screenshots )
















Book Cover Design

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