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Apr 2011 / № 7723

Had the pleasure of photographing The Kills  for Nylon’s April issue. Check out the spread below!
You can also view more images on my site: www.ninarobinsonphotography.com or
or The Hell Gate ..


Mar 2011 / № 7537


Protect Ya Neck.

Still a banger to this day. Without listing an entire discography of classics, remixes and major credits to the clan founders & members, I’m just touching on the brand. Aside from one other behemoth of a Hip Hop brand to hit the globe from the United States some years ago, the ‘W’ is still a huge statement of unrivalled stature. It represents a balanced structure, a pure blending of styles and artistic vision.

When it comes to music, I can be a fanatic, showing my age, and pointing the finger at young heads and saying ‘You aint seen nothing until you saw a live hip hop gig’.

Music plays a huge part in my life. Music, like Art is an entire movement, sometimes the two collide and fuse to offer strategy and direction on many levels. Like art and its disciples, we all need to breathe it, live it and become accustomed to its movement.

Respect to the Wu Tang Clan, here is my homage ( 1 of 4 in progress )


UK rock band, To Catch a Thief, approached me about working with them on their new album packaging. They simply provided me with the title and I ran with it and came up with an art direction based on vintage horror films. This is just the cover, the rest of the layout is still in production. More to come later.

Oliver Barrett  |  Cleveland, Ohio  |  http://www.ohbarrett.com |  ohbarrett@ohbarrett.com |  Twitter

Dec 2010 / № 7273

Rennes, France

Hamburg, Germany

Haldern, Germany

Rennes, France

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My first assignment  in New York was to shoot X Japan, one of the largest rock bands in Asia for over 28 years. Now they’re ready to tackle the US!

Pick up the December NYLON Guys issue to read the article and checkout my website to view more images: www.ninarobinsonphotography.com


Dec 2010 / № 6433


I am very excited to go on our first European Tour. If I happen to be passing through your city, please get in touch and say hello! e: felicia@thekdu.com

For details,

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Dec 2010 / № 6408


This is a Christmas song we recorded last winter

We’re accepting donations for mp3 downloads.
All proceeds will be donated to the NYC Food Bank

Download and donate HERE

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Nov 2010 / № 6225
Oct 2010 / № 5558


- Hello KDU Members -

Ava Luna is going on tour.

If you live in one of these cities, please come by and say hello.

10/8 – Philadelphia, PA – The Trocadero Theater
10/9 – Athens, OH – The Smiling Skull Saloon
10/10 – Chicago, IL – The Hideout
10/11 – Kalamazoo, MI – The Strutt
10/12 – Madison, WI – The Project Lodge
10/13 – Bloomington, IN – Rachel’s Cafe
10/15 – Chattanooga, TN – Discoteca
10/16 – Athens, GA – Farm255
10/17 – Baltimore, MD – Annex

You can listen to our music here



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Sep 2010 / № 5406
Sep 2010 / № 5018

the new boysthe new boyskaty perrykaty perryerikha baduerikha badudelilahdelilahtiny tempatiny tempa bruno marsbruno marskaty perrykaty perryyeasayeryeasayer
sleigh bellssleigh bellsdj atraxdj atrax
liam gallagherliam gallagher

Jun 2010 / № 4251



Gully or Gaza?.

A still from a series of animations created for a music and arts event Visual Soundclash. A series of artists and dj’s were paired up, the artists creating the visuals for a 15minute set – the dj’s then battling each other and the crowd deciding the winners. The event was created by Plain Janes and held at C.A.M.P – The City Arts & Music Project.

I was paired with the brilliant muli-creative PC Williams, who’s dancehall/bashment set won through to gain us gold overall.

kdu_bulletVideo sample via youtube or vimeo.

― Daniel J Diggle

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(Click here for rotating model)
Type Archimedean solid
Elements F = 32, E = 60, V = 30 (χ = 2)
Faces by sides 20{3}+12{5}
Schläfli symbol begin{Bmatrix} 3 \ 5 end{Bmatrix}
Wythoff symbol 2 | 3 5
Coxeter-Dynkin CDW dot.pngCDW 5.pngCDW ring.pngCDW 3.pngCDW dot.png
Symmetry Ih
or (*532)
References U24, C28, W12
Properties Semiregular convex quasiregular
Icosidodecahedron color
Colored faces
(Vertex figure)
Rhombic triacontahedron
(dual polyhedron)
Icosidodecahedron  Net

A Hoberman sphere as an icosidodecahedron

In geometry, an icosidodecahedron is a polyhedron with twenty triangular faces and twelve pentagonal faces. An icosidodecahedron has 30 identical vertices, with two triangles and two pentagons meeting at each, and 60 identical edges, each separating a triangle from a pentagon. As such it is one of the Archimedean solids and more particularly, a quasiregular polyhedron.

An icosidodecahedron has icosahedral symmetry, and its first stellation is the compound of a dodecahedron and its dual icosahedron, with the vertices of the icosahedron located at the midpoints of the edges of either. Convenient Cartesian coordinates for the vertices of an icosidodecahedron with unit edges are given by the cyclic permutations of (0,0,±τ), (±1/2, ±τ/2, ±(1+τ)/2), where τ is the golden ratio, (1+√5)/2. Its dual polyhedron is the rhombic triacontahedron. An icosidodecahedron can be split along several planes to form pentagonal rotundae, which belong among the Johnson solids.

In the standard nomenclature used for the Johnson solids, an icosidodecahedron would be called a pentagonal gyrobirotunda.




[edit] Area and volume

The area A and the volume V of the icosidodecahedron of edge length a are:

A = (5sqrt{3}+3sqrt{25+10sqrt{5}}) a^2  approx 29.3059828a^2
V = frac{1}{6} (45+17sqrt{5}) a^3 approx  13.8355259a^3.

[edit] Related polyhedra

The icosidodecahedron is a rectified dodecahedron and also a rectified icosahedron, existing as the full-edge truncation between these regular solids.

The Icosidodecahedron contains 12 pentagons of the dodecahedron and 20 triangles of the icosahedron:

Uniform polyhedron-53-t0.png
Uniform polyhedron-53-t01.png
Truncated dodecahedron
Uniform polyhedron-53-t1.png
Uniform polyhedron-53-t12.png
Truncated icosahedron
Uniform polyhedron-53-t2.png

It is also related to the Johnson solid called a pentagonal orthobirotunda created by two pentagonal rotunda connected as mirror images.

Dissected icosidodecahedron.png
(pentagonal gyrobirotunda)
Pentagonal orthobirotunda solid.png
Pentagonal orthobirotunda
Pentagonal rotunda.png
Pentagonal rotunda

Eight uniform star polyhedra share the same vertex arrangement. Of these, two also share the same edge arrangement: the small icosihemidodecahedron (having the triangular faces in common), and the small dodecahemidodecahedron (having the pentagonal faces in common). The vertex arrangement is also shared with the compounds of five octahedra and of five tetrahemihexahedra.

Small icosihemidodecahedron.png
Small icosihemidodecahedron
Small dodecahemidodecahedron.png
Small dodecahemidodecahedron
Great icosidodecahedron.png
Great icosidodecahedron
Great dodecahemidodecahedron.png
Great dodecahemidodecahedron
Great icosihemidodecahedron.png
Great icosihemidodecahedron
Small dodecahemicosahedron.png
Small dodecahemicosahedron
Great dodecahemicosahedron.png
Great dodecahemicosahedron
Compound of five octahedra.png
Compound of five octahedra
UC18-5 tetrahemihexahedron.png
Compound of five tetrahemihexahedra

[edit] See also

[edit] References

  • Williams, Robert (1979). The Geometrical Foundation of Natural Structure: A Source Book of Design. Dover Publications, Inc. ISBN 0-486-23729-X. (Section 3-9)

[edit] External links

Jun 2010 / № 4166

I just got an iPad. First movie I will download is Solaris.

Best song off the soundtrack.

YouTube Preview Image

David Gensler

May 2010 / № 3799

Hello good people of the KDU and beyond. Thank you for graciously accepting me to join the ranks and I look forward to contributing/interacting with the talent that lies among the Keystone Design Union.

I’d like to present the official video for the Soundset Festival of 2010, featuring some of the best independent hip hop around. This is a collaboration between Gregory Hubacek (gregoryhubacek.com) and myself. We were asked to create the promotional video for the 2010 Soundset Festival, an event that is held annually by Rhymesayers Entertainment in Minneapolis, Minnesota. All original animation, motion graphics, design, and art direction. If you’re in the Midwestern United States, I would definitely recommend checking this out.

For more, please check out royalt.org & taylorpemberton.com

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A more portable version of Past the Barbary


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