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Jul 2010 / № 4334

Glad to be part of the KDU Network. Heres one of my own graphics flipped for the KDU. More work to come…



Jun 2010 / № 4306


The KDU is looking for summer interns to work in our office in Brooklyn.
Graphic design, fashion design, web design etc.

Internship Portfolio Submissions should include 5 to 10 work examples and an updated resume.
Please email general@thekdu.com

-David Gensler

Jun 2010 / № 4217

Got a decent camera, so not have product shots is a thing of the past! This picts are of the Fright Rag and Mondo Tees smash i did.  The tee turned out awesome, super soft and colors were almost spot on. Not to mention that they hooked it up with one of the sick metallic, silk screened posters. Thanks! MINGA

ReCap – - … got the chance to work with Ben over at Fright-Rags.com. home of some kick-ass classic horror tee’s. this was a special design for a limited edition run of tee’s in collaboration with Mondo tees, to include a special run poster as well. Awesome, working with Ben, and can’t wait to see what the package, poster and tee, look like together! MONDO is certainly know for their amazing posters…and this is no exception. thanks again to you all! check this out frightrags.infusionsoft.com/link/b22bf4280/cc77c0, this is ridiculous. loving these guys, can’t wait to see what else i can work on for them! HA!

Be warned they are limited to a run of 200, so once they’re gone they are gone. So no sleeping on this one they drop April 16th, make sure to get you one. Thanks – -

Jun 2010 / № 4211

One of my favorite pieces of all time. Daren Newman for the KDU x Diesel show.

The print from the show was framed and hangs outside my office door.

Thanks Daren!

David Gensler

May 2010 / № 4028


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May 2010 / № 3943

Inspired by all those massacre photo illustration i decide to make a little experiment and that’s what happen. See more works


May 2010 / № 3893

A illustration i made inspired by harsh shapes of the KDU’S logo and the fact that many people are afraid from the mutation of the arts. Trust the new! Trust the mutation!

Trust the mutation!

May 2010 / № 3890

Hello everyone i want to share with you my new portfolio and identity.


Thanks for your time.

Read the article here

Screen shot 2010-04-22 at 11.18.11 AM

David Gensler

Apr 2010 / № 3595

Hello everyone. I am Dimo Trifonov and this is my first post (aka Hello!)

Some words about the piece. I was inspire by that everyone is going too digital than normal, and i think that’s a bit of a problem. We need some ink.


Dimo Trifonov

Mar 2010 / № 3330




Here’s just a few of the recent artworks that we’ve completed for Dubfire’s digital record label SCI+TEC.

« we [heart] drop shadows! »


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Mar 2010 / № 3199

Speero UUTheory

This is my submission for the UU Theory contest. New style for me and I hope you’ll like it.

// Speero

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Mar 2010 / № 3008



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