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I will be posting a few large series of photos from our trip to Iceland… I think the monster trucks deserve a post all to themselves.
Due to the nature of the natural terrain, many icelanders opt to push a truck – many of which are monster trucks. We spent our first day in a new 2010 Land Rover Discovery.
A great road ride with amazing off road capabilities. I have always been a fan of Range Rovers and it was a thrill to drive this vehicle on black sand beaches and up and around various glaciers
and waterfalls. Our second day was spent in a monster van touring the northern glaciers, geysers and countryside.  
- David Gensler



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Jan 2010 / № 2337

One of the most creative and inspiring cities on our tour was Amsterdam. The city has an obvious rich history, but I was most intrigued by the relationship between the history and modernity. There is a rich retail culture that consist of inspiring new stores selling the latest fashion labels, mixed with outdoor markets selling anything from Pot Lollipops to knit sweaters and small antiques.

We visited the market at Waterlooplein several times and found some interesting fashion for the SVSV archives.






We found several inspirational vintage fashion and various military and workwear items at waterlooplein market. We also had a chance to visit the Droog flagship store and the incredible Frozen Fountain design boutique. One of our favorite new design boutiques is Gem Baby – filled with exotic little creations.


Our final day of exploration in Amsterdam started sunny but brisk and ended up in a crazy blizzard that shut down most of the city.
The strange part was the Dutch people refused to stop riding their bikes in the cold and even during the blizzard. The frozen canals gave the city a strange surreal glow at dusk.

On a warmer note, our favorite store of the day was 290 Square Meters.

It was fun to explore the canals and boats. I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay in Baltimore, Maryland and have always been drawn to nautical graphics and typography.
Later this week I will post some more nautical type images from a recent trip to the Oregon coast.

David Gensler

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As I stated before, I can not express enough gratitude to my close friend Liam and Jennifer Maher for their hospitality on our recent trip to Europe. I will be posting more images from our travels to Parisian Flea Markets and the fashion mecca, Antwerp… for now, here are some additional images from the Denham Denim store and workshop in Amsterdam.

Additional thanks, once again to Jason Denham for his time and generosity. He gifted me a wonderful pair of antique shears from the private Denham archives.

If you are not aware of the Denham brand… please take the time to check out their new site and visit the store. While the market makes thin attempts to react to the craft/ tradition trend, no one, in my opinion is able to mix in enough raw innovation quite like Denham. In the coming years this brand will set the bar higher than most are willing or able to follow.

Denham The Jeanmaker







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Jan 2010 / № 2073

I do love Paris, even when it is freezing. The architecture and history, mixed with the overwhelming sensibility of modern design and style is constantly inspiring.
We needed to stop in for an end of year meeting with our friends, Nick, Patrick and Camille at Hennessy then spend a few days exploring the city with our friends
Jennifer and Liam from Amsterdam ( Denham the Jeanmaker). We have taken thousands of pictures on this trip… most of which will be posted when we return to states.
- David Gensler



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Special thanks to KDU member, Chrissy Angliker for giving us a first class tour of Zurich.
Zurich is a small city situated on a river that empties into a large lake. The terrain is hilly, with stone streets climbing to higher vantage points, overlooking the entire city.
In every place I go, I attempt to find local crafts. On this visit to Zurich, I found ducks, hand crafted from Bamboo roots and locally carved wood.
- David Gensler


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