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Dec 2009 / № 1953

Got the final tattoo picture of a design that was commissioned by Jason Kayzar over at MC2, ink by Adambomb.  Included the initial shot of the tat, to document the process.

Dec 2009 / № 1899

Here’s a quick turn, design i did for Pazzo’s 1st annaul food drive. Many thanks to the executive chef Patrick Webb for considering me for the project. We also donated a print for the silent auctions that were happening, benefiting the  Shalom Center of Kenosha. You’ll see the the print below and additional prints are still  available at the Mingadigm.

Dec 2009 / № 1896

Hey there there, happy holidays. Got word a bit ago about a design that commissioned by Jason Kayzar over at MC2. Above you’ll see images of the design from start to first tattoo session. He was inspired by my previous blog-u-mentory on my tattoo by Adam over at Adambomb. Jason’s been a fan of my work for sometime now(many thanks sir) and was looking to have a tattoo done but was weary about getting more done until he saw the bloggings about Adambomb here. So, after consulting with Adam i began creating the design that Jason was thinking and Adam hooked it up. Great job Adam and thanks for thinking of me Jason!

Nov 2009 / № 1777


Random Got Beautiful.

The final iteration of the first typographic illustration exploring the inking technique. Random Got Beautiful was originaly set to be a collaboration with the second line completed by the other artist, the image was completed by myself in the end. There is also an entirely new version of the third line that may be used in the print version.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

kdu_bulletBuy prints here.

― Daniel J Diggle

Sep 2009 / № 1000


NO! typographic organic illustration.

Organic and structural typographic illustration, created with Faber Castil and Rotring technical pens. A mass of tangled branches and coral-like fans entwined with sharp structural forms. A sparrow hides amongst the branches guarding her eggs.  Hidden amongst the elements is the words ‘NO!’ – this can be seen best via the development images – meaning hidden amongst the mass. Set to be a limited run screen-print.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

― Daniel J Diggle

Sep 2009 / № 984

Wooden Toy Quarterly and Semi-Permanent presents Lyrics and Type.

Exhibition starts on the 9th October at the Gorker Gallery http://www.gorkergallery.com/gorker_home.html

http://www.woodentoyquarterly.com  http://www.semipermanent.com


Sep 2009 / № 928

Poster/Listings for UK club ‘Wire’. This project is currently a work in progress. The club hosts a number of nights encompassing a range of music and tastes, so we approached this project with an open mind. A late-night stream-of-conciousness ensued.

Wire Poster Front

Wire Poster Back

Sep 2009 / № 873


Work in progress, illustration due to be a limited run screen-print .

She Walks, organic and structural illustration, created with Faber Castil technical pens.

Additions and edits have been made to the original image – flowing hair and sparrow – which can seen via the development images linked below. The final composition will sit upon a solid matt gold tree silhouette and will be printed as a limited run hand drawn screen-print.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

― Daniel J Diggle

Sep 2009 / № 879

Valp brings new stuff online. Illustration, web design and motion styleframes. Visit www.valpnow.com.

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Sep 2009 / № 809


A piece completed for a recent exhibition held in East London, United Kingdom.

The Noise of Art exhibition showcased works by a host of London based artists and creatives, each using a 12 inch vinyl record as their canvas.

Silent Noize is an organic typographic piece, which, after discovering rotring pens don’t take well to metallic based inks, was painted onto the vinyl base – the record itself being ‘Deaf Stereo’.

kdu_bulletFull development images and process can be viewed here.

― Daniel J Diggle

Sep 2009 / № 635

Kx2 Relauch1

Hello everybody.

I am really happy to inform that the last couple of months were very busy here at StudioKxx. New projects for clients such as Nike and Sony Ericsson have been succesfuly delivered or have entered the final stage of production. Working 12 hours a day through 7 days a week I have also managed to completely redesign my website portfolio. All of this and much more will be a part of a StudioKxx Website Relaunch in October 09. Before this happens be sure to take a look at some of my latest works at Cargo or Krop.


Kx2 Relauch2

Sep 2009 / № 611

kingless kingdomkingless kingdom


Hey hey, got the shirts for the Mingadigm store and they are hot! Gotta give my boy Whitney over at Orchard Street Press some major respect for the amazing print job. Super detailed and super soft with the discharge inks and fairly priced for awesome printing, check em out when you get a chance. As always these shirts and many more posters are available on the Mingadigm store so mosey on over and have a look! thanks!

Sep 2009 / № 585

Rich Soil

I have updated my folio with eight new projects, including some illustration and typography work for Rich Soil, a portrait of Dita Von Teese, and a few other miscelleanous odds and ends.

Sep 2009 / № 603


I thought I should try the cargocollective thing. I found it interesting and quite nice & simple. So I started to upload stuff there; quickly I found out that I didn’t update my portfolio from a while so I started to upload new stuff and still uploading. So please show me some love and if you feel like sharing please do, if not recycle it and get over it.


makeshift prodigy vs black minga
makeshift prodigy vs black minga

makeshift prodigy vs black minga

This is an identity and branding project that really pushed us to develop some next level imagery and really get back to our illustration roots. it was an amazing journey and we couldn’t have done the work for a better band. Makeshift Prodigy is a 5 member idie/rock band out of Chicago.











Book Cover Design





Escape Keys

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