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Apr 2014 / № 11800

This is a poster set created for Adult Swim for channel promotion.

Please visit here for more detail. Thanks!

Havrey birdmand

aqua teen

METALOCALYPSERobot ChickenThe Venture Brosb

Feb 2014 / № 11779


OVERHEARD is a miss-ordered diary of the dark, crude, random and occasionally funny snippets of conversation that I’ve noted down.

For a few years now I’ve taken the nonsense I hear and written it into my phone’s ‘notes’. The quotes – each out of their context – are tagged with the themes of the conversation it was taken from and it’s colour is based on its general category; MIND, AIR and BLOOD. Colour intensity is linked to the time it was written. Every quote has an illustration that embodies its narrative. The snippets are verbatim from my phone (drunken spelling and all).

Read more about the side-project on my site here.



Check out an updated portfolio of Illustration, Animation and Digital Design work. WWW.DANIELDIGGLE.COM


Nov 2013 / № 11731

Dear KDU’s friends,

It’s been a while since i have posted some of my work on the platform, so here it is.

My new digital art series called “GHOST MEMORIES“. Hope you enjoy it. (Full series on my Behance page)

Ghost Memories
Ghost Memories
Ghost Memories
Ghost Memories

Sep 2013 / № 11705

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is new personal music and animation project. Curating a new rock’n'roll pantheon of up and coming music stars from the underground UK scenes. Each artist illustrated and animated into simple loops. The first animation of Grime DJ’s and Record Label Butterz (Elijah & Skilliam), who are pushing the vibrant and raw sound of Grime across the globe.

May 2013 / № 11635











Some of the patterns I’ve made, exploring working with my stippling based illustrations.

Daniel J Diggle | Twitter

Apr 2013 / № 11619




Devour. Illustration created for Depthcore’s latest chapter ‘Primal’. Didn’t quite finish it in time for the cut – but here it is. On Behance too.

Feb 2013 / № 11582
View full project here :

Branding and Promotional Illustrations for my Portfolio

Self Initiated project regarding the branding and design of my website, logos and twitter background.
Wanted to promote my portfolio even further with this project and also have some more commercial
style work on my portfolio.

Main element of the illustrations is my portfolio, displayed on a variety of devices. These are a mix of
of 3D base layers illustrated and retouched in Photoshop. The style I went for Is what I think best
describes my work. Energy, flow, candy, neon, gloss, chrome, light and explosive were the key elements
of inspiration for this project.

Hope you like it!

Billelis Logo 2013

Billelis Logo 2013

Billelis Branding 2013

Billelis Branding 2013

Billelis Branding 2013

Billelis Branding 2013

Billelis Portfolio Design 2013

Billelis Portfolio Design 2013

Billelis branding 2013 on Ipad

Billelis branding 2013 on Ipad

Billelis Portfolio with Illustrations 2013

Billelis Portfolio with Illustrations 2013

I-Mac Illustration for Billelis.com

I-Mac Illustration for Billelis.com

Iphone Illustration for Billelis.com

Iphone Illustration for Billelis.com

Jan 2013 / № 11488

Cupido 2013

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Jan 2013 / № 11434


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Jan 2013 / № 11423

Marci vs Csabi colorise

My two brothers. I took two different photo of them with my Canon 7D and then used the photoshop. This is the result. I hope you like it. :)

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Dec 2012 / № 11399

Hi fellaz,

It’s been a while since i have time to post some of my artworks. Here it is. My recent series called ThINK™ :

” ThINK is a series of digital art blending modern and traditional art, digital painting and ink, poetry featuring the artist’s life, a sort of “tribute” that band around a single question: What’s define the soul of an artist?
Reflect on what forges the soul of an artist: his influences, his career, his successes, his failures, his encounters, love … What makes them beings apart and embody or incarnate the beauty of art in its most beautiful form. “

Amy Winehouse

Nov 2012 / № 11340
A series of illustrations done in 2011 and 2012











Nov 2012 / № 11314


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