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I started a little branding and identity project called Distorted Identities. It basically answers the question: “To what extent can we distort famous logos and symbols that they remain easily recognizable?” Here’s some of the results. Can you guess them? More here: http://www.ajdimarucot.com/distorted-identities

Distorted Identity

Distorted Identity

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Sep 2010 / № 5262

Cutters of Cloth logoCutters of Cloth Direction

Cutters of Cloth / ÆSTHETIC HABIT – For this project I worked closely with two highly talented individuals to develop a format and Art Direction for the initial impact of the web identity. The creation of  the logo infuses a hand made and rough cast image reflective of manual work. The profile for the project is to address a direct need for handmade independent fashion / high costume, with a balanced neutral Masculine & Feminine quality to the intended articles, using a mixture of Cloth, Leather, minimal color value and embellishments.

Art Direction, Photography & Print within dramatic scenery will be the main artistic visual driving force.


Jun 2010 / № 4096

Mike Speero

Made myself a new identity. Hope you guys like it.

// Speero

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May 2010 / № 3890

Hello everyone i want to share with you my new portfolio and identity.


Thanks for your time.

Comedy Showwaiters launch

Introducing the hilarious Comedy Showwaiters
Café Kølbert’s Comedy Showwaiters was established in Denmark in 1985 and quickly rose to cult status, performing all their way up to the Royal Court.
Now with a brand new identity, the Comedy Showwaiters present their London branch, starting with the re-launch of their UK site.
Almost hand-crafted, the site serves as an introduction to the Showwaiters‘ particular universe and dreams.
With a blend of twisted British butler’s tradition and a serious dose of improvisation, always with elegance, the Comedy Showwaiters have served at countless events, dinners, corporate incentives, special moments, receptions and parties and will continue to do so covering great distances by land, see and air.





Visual design & branding by alternatyves outc.




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