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I started a little branding and identity project called Distorted Identities. It basically answers the question: “To what extent can we distort famous logos and symbols that they remain easily recognizable?” Here’s some of the results. Can you guess them? More here: http://www.ajdimarucot.com/distorted-identities

Distorted Identity

Distorted Identity

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Sep 2010 / № 5262

Cutters of Cloth logoCutters of Cloth Direction

Cutters of Cloth / ÆSTHETIC HABIT – For this project I worked closely with two highly talented individuals to develop a format and Art Direction for the initial impact of the web identity. The creation of  the logo infuses a hand made and rough cast image reflective of manual work. The profile for the project is to address a direct need for handmade independent fashion / high costume, with a balanced neutral Masculine & Feminine quality to the intended articles, using a mixture of Cloth, Leather, minimal color value and embellishments.

Art Direction, Photography & Print within dramatic scenery will be the main artistic visual driving force.


Jun 2010 / № 4096

Mike Speero

Made myself a new identity. Hope you guys like it.

// Speero

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May 2010 / № 3890

Hello everyone i want to share with you my new portfolio and identity.


Thanks for your time.




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