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Aug 2012 / № 11186

Direction : Nicola Aclèr
Motion graphic : François Leroy
Sound design : Olivier Boni


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Feb 2012 / № 10083

” TMRWTODAY is the active media experience for ENK/TMRW.
TMRWTODAY exists to amplify the ideas and actions used to create a progressive future for fashion. “

This style is something I have never done and it was fun to experiment with something different.
I tried my best to create a relationship between the clothing, the fashion and my typography.
Hope you like it and would love your feedback and sharing!

Feb 2012 / № 9976





I was commissionned by Fotolia to participate to its Ten Collection : 10 artists - 10 themes - 10 months - 10 PSD.

PSD file with over 100 layers
Download the PSD here

Directed by Gang Corporate

Director / Editor / Colorist: Pavle Savic
Music / Sound Design: Axel Guenoun
Motion Design: Mister Gü
Assistant : Leo Ghigo



Nov 2011 / № 9404

Enter the void

This day will never happen again 1

This day will never happen again 2

These typography experiments are personal work. I will update my portfolio soon.

François Leroy

Sep 2011 / № 8967




My works for Designer Against Child Slavery were featured in their second exhibition entitled “Episode”. And all of wich will be featured at their Live Exhibition in New York City on October 1st.

You can read the interview here, and check out my Behance

Also, I have updated my online showcase

Sep 2011 / № 8931

Film de présentation du site web Espadon 21, plateforme spécialisée dans les concours d’art digital.

Espadon 21 : Antoine Pirard espadon-21.com
Motion design : François Leroy graphic-travelling.com
Sound design : Olivier Boni obny.fr

Check out this project on Behance Network

Sep 2011 / № 8890

These pieces are my contributions to the current SlashTHREE exhibition entitled “Quote Unquote” :

“Striving to produce an exhibition that focused on art outside of our norm, the collective selected ‘Quote Unquote’ as the theme for its seventeenth exhibition. Each piece in “Quote Unquote” is based on a quote – famous, cultural, or even from the artist’s own life – and is created to represent that quote and its meaning to the artist. The result was an exhibition that saw many styles of literature interpreted in a new light by our artist core. The efforts of Edmar Cisneros, Rob Shields, Nicolas Baroille, and Anthony Giacomino shone through as highlights in this exhibition, while the work of one of the latest additions to the collective, Tarin Yuangtrakul, will go down as some of the strongest in the history of slashTHREE.”



Mar 2011 / № 7391

We are X3

We are X3., an award winning design studio based in Romania. We are a team of 10 professionals, specialized in experience design and interactive experience design (UI/UX), keeping an eye nevertheless on illustration and branding.

During our 10 years of life as a company, we always considered our clients to be our friends, and thus wanted to create projects that could make both us and them proud. You can check some of our most representative projects on our portfolio. Some of them are also described below:

X3 Archviz

X3 Archviz, a 3D Architectural Visualization site that showcases virtual tours and photo-real, still, panoramic renderings. Here, here and here are some examples.

X3 D'arc MiniChallenge

D`arc Mini Challenge, is an interactive online experience, that we created for D’arc Club, as part of their branding campaign. The D’arc Mini Challenge is a game that tests your online driving skills, in a Mini Cooper, on a bar. The challenge is to deliver drink ingredients to bartenders, to help them prepare cocktails.

Here is the behind the scenes story, the making of.

X3 Plai Festival

Plai Festival is a complete experience about Music, Multiculturalism and Art celebrating diversity. For this festival we created a branding and promotional campaign.

You can read the making of here.

X3 Portoroz

Port of Spirits, a poster we created for Off Drum Competition 2010: Portorož Piran Genius Loci, got us a II place during the festival.

X3 VisualFreaks

Visual Freaks, a high-end project providing art-packs of unique graphic elements for designers.

X3 Aualeu

Aualeu.ro, our most recent project, an illustrated story of Aualeu Theatre – that strives to perform purely theatrical and in a direct manner, without any useless make-overs.

And some of our logos.

X3 Logos

Jan 2011 / № 7081


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Jan 2011 / № 6728





The KDU x Brooklyn Machine Works x Tokyo

The Keystone Design Union has teamed with legendary independent bike company Brooklyn Machine Works.
Early 2011 will mark the brand relaunch with expanded product range, new website, new collaborations and more.

Dec 2010 / № 6660

Spring Fever1Spring Fever2

“Spring Fever”

A piece for Desktopography 2010.


Check out other awesome entries!

design_xmas4_600A Christmas card illustration for New Zealand leading interactive agency Shift and the parent company TBWA Tequila.

“This year rather than giving small gifts to the clients, we decided to give one large gift to the the charity!”

Have a safe and happy Christmas people!



This piece is a few years old. At the time it was going to be a pitch to Sony for the V series of screens that was in production, as I was really impressed with the huge leap forward in pixel perfect images, and the tech displays at trade shows. It made digital art interesting again, with wide screen taking the helm.The idea was to show various raw energy visuals connecting elements to and from the screen. It seems a basic design now, but a good recap and creative insight to include here.

The main Dragon image was a scanned illustration with all elements added layer by layer.

The strap line created for the graphic was ‘SONY : Our vision is your future – Your vision is our future’


Oct 2010 / № 5510


My latest illustration for – YAW – “You Are We”





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