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Hello gang !
I made this poster for the Show Us Your Type Berlin exhibition.
More details on my behance

Hope you’ll enjoy !


May 2010 / № 4033
Apr 2010 / № 3595

Hello everyone. I am Dimo Trifonov and this is my first post (aka Hello!)

Some words about the piece. I was inspire by that everyone is going too digital than normal, and i think that’s a bit of a problem. We need some ink.


Dimo Trifonov

Apr 2010 / № 3569

This is my submission to SUPER8 magazine.
I was asked by Ma∂rco Nicotra from SUPER8 magazine to create illustration about one of magazine themes, i choose “Dotto” which means “Learned”. Also i developed some case study and alternative color version.

Click here to see details , case study and alternative version


Mar 2010 / № 3368
Jan 2010 / № 2261

I really enjoyed creating this typographic illustrations of animals, learn more on
Typography served.

Jan 2010 / № 2096


A large poster for mini showcase in The Parade Yogyakarta Clothing Fest.

Evgeny Kiselev

Evgeny Kiselev

Saint-Petersburg based Russian illustrator Evgeny Kiselev never stops and draws everywhere he goes.
No matter that a tube station or snorkelling in Asia, he always finds inspiration from enjoying the life.
He started freelance work few years ago after being squeezed in local creative agencies where he got professional experience. The lack of academic background hadn’t changed the way he creates and even improved the will to tie his life with graphics and visualisation. So what you think makes Evgeny’s artworks outstanding? I do believe he found a unique way of creativity flow and concentrates on researching new ways of inspiration. His works are recognisable and rarely use the previous idea generating new diversities. Since last year he started to materialise illustrations on cushions and umbrellas what makes them unique and colourful.
Since I’m watching for his artistic career he has collaborated with European media like ROJO, Computer Arts, Miller, IDN, Grafik Magazine and of course Designcollector participating in our six anniversary.

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Sep 2009 / № 635

Kx2 Relauch1

Hello everybody.

I am really happy to inform that the last couple of months were very busy here at StudioKxx. New projects for clients such as Nike and Sony Ericsson have been succesfuly delivered or have entered the final stage of production. Working 12 hours a day through 7 days a week I have also managed to completely redesign my website portfolio. All of this and much more will be a part of a StudioKxx Website Relaunch in October 09. Before this happens be sure to take a look at some of my latest works at Cargo or Krop.


Kx2 Relauch2

Sep 2009 / № 603


I thought I should try the cargocollective thing. I found it interesting and quite nice & simple. So I started to upload stuff there; quickly I found out that I didn’t update my portfolio from a while so I started to upload new stuff and still uploading. So please show me some love and if you feel like sharing please do, if not recycle it and get over it.

Born in 1981, living and working in Katowice, Poland. Self-taught and full-time freelance artist with five years of experience in print and webdesign. Valp has established himself as a creative digital artist – after years of experimenting and playing with imagination he has build his own style with high attention to details, colours and textures. Graphic design for Valp always was something more than just a profession.

During last two years of his full-time freelance work he was commissioned by Back Row Productions, Platige Image, Weinsten Company, Warner Music Poland, Armada Skis to name a few. Valp designed illustrations for such a great musical Pricilla – Queen of the Desert; he was also a judge for iStockphoto’s Battle Royale and his work has been widely published.

Valp is also a member of Keystone Design Union and Depthcore digital arts community.

Visit Valp’s portfolio at www.valpnow.com and check out his official blog.

Aug 2009 / № 117


A large poster for Rockisnotdeath Exhibition in Yogyakarta – Indonesia. We talk about Rock Music and Young Blood Culture















Book Cover Design

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