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Dec 2011 / № 9606
Dec 2011 / № 9447

Letterpress poster designed for the “NEW YORK TYPES” show @ the ADC NYC Gallery (Dec. 15, 2011 – Jan. 6, 2012).

Oct 2011 / № 9264
Oct 2011 / № 9235
Sep 2011 / № 8917

I wanted to create a piece for Designerscouch mainly to thank them for the exposure and help they have given me so far.
I also wanted to really try a new style and mainly experiment. I am really pleased with the final result :D

DesignersCouch Promo Piece

I would like to invite you all to view my latest work on Monument Magazine. Monument is a magazine that aims to explore architecture from different angles, with every feature rich in ideas. Architect statements, critical review, inspirations, ideas, and trend spotting. To view more of this project you can view it on my online portfolio here

Hi there,

Hope you are all well. Here is my latest design called Ice Queen.

Ice Queen - By Billelis

Ice Queen - By Billelis

Ice Queen - By Billelis

Ice Queen - By Billelis

Ice Queen - By Billelis

Ice Queen - By Billelis

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Jun 2011 / № 8338

Dear KDU members I only got accepted here a few days ago and I was really looking forward for creating  a design for KDU. So this is what I came up with. Main inspiration was Egypt, both culture and history.

KDU Promotion piece - Billelis

KDU Promotion piece - Billelis

KDU Promotion Piece - Billelis

May 2011 / № 7807


ArteArredi (FurnitureArt) is an italian Brand designing and producing custom furnitures with a selection of premium woods.

The Brand’s neat identity testifies the exceptional products’ design and building quality. According to the Brand’s Tagline “Arredi d’eccezione” (exceptional furnitures), the logotype subtly contains the Brand symbol: a one of a kind chair, represented by the custom designed “rt” letters.

The color scheme, inspired by wood’s essence, and the overall design evoke a simple yet sophisticated identity.

The ArteArredi Unique Design Formula included: Concept Development, Naming, Branding, Corporate Image, Visual Identity, Online Experience including CMS system and Branding applications.

Sublimio_ArteArredi_07_SettiminoSublimio_ArteArredi_04_Logo Sublimio_ArteArredi_03_Logo_ConstructionSublimio_ArteArredi_11_FontSublimio_ArteArredi_09_ColorsSublimio_ArteArredi_10_Corporate_ImageSublimio_ArteArredi_05_PostcardsSublimio_ArteArredi_02_OrangeSublimio_ArteArredi_06_Website_HomepageSublimio_ArteArredi_12_Website_About

For more info please click here.

Apr 2011 / № 7609


Genex is a well known italian company designing and producing custom coaxial connectors for international companies for decades now.


This stimulating Rebranding project is based on the distinctive “eye” symbol, designed to represent the two Brand key values: the company’s engineering experience and the cutting edge services provided.


The Genex Unique Design Formula included: Concept Development, Visual Identity, Corporate Image, Promotional Material, Online Experience including Advanced CMS system and Branding applications.


Click here
to experience the Genex Website.

For more info please click here.

Mar 2011 / № 7415

Burton Easter Jam III
Client: Burton
More to see on Behance

Year: 2011



Mar 2011 / № 7399

Dog Days Are Over

Dog Days Are Over

Some illustration stuff made this year, exhibited at Hybrid Café, Budapest.

Check out on Behance.

Mar 2011 / № 7307
For the recently released Diva Collection 2011
I had the chance to repackage the entire
FluttuoPieces of Joy Formula,
including: Creative Direction, Event organization, Photo shooting and product design consultancy.

Photographer: Piergiorgio Rozza / Model: Ivana Lotito

For more info please click here.



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