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Jan 2011 / № 6796

Phase 2 of the second tattoo i’m going to have Adam from Adambombgallerie.com work his magic on. this is going to start atop my hand and continue up my forearm to my elbow region. going to be a pretty spectacular tattoo when done. this also may be one of the more indepth typography treaments i’ve done. printed the original vector art out to scale, pieced it together on the light table and then proceeded to layer some sketching paper over it inking this into the current phase. had allot of fun with it. and yes, for those wondering, i have consulted adambomb to make sure the line thinkness and variations are tattoo-able.


minga started work on his second tattoo with Adambomb tattoo’s. this tattoo is going to pretty awesome; starting on top of my hand going up to my elbow region. Adambomb does such great work i’m sure it’s going to be amazing.

Dec 2010 / № 6707

My entry for the Art 4 Dilla competition, a contest honoring the legendary J Dilla. Vote here please: http://www.art4dilla.com/entry/176/

Oliver Barrett  |  http://www.ohbarrett.com  |  ohbarrett@ohbarrett.com

Dec 2010 / № 6569


Draw all the time 10 and other good stuff on my blog

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Dec 2010 / № 6401


The final project is coming soon…

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Nov 2010 / № 6158

Had an awesome Saturday last weekend when i did a demo on how to customize a pair of black white Chuck Taylors.  Was pretty awesome, had a few folks stay the entire demo, was about 3-4hrs long from sketches to inking the final touches on the shows. Many thanks to Utrecht Art Supplies for putting this all together and giving me the opportunity to share one of my passions. thanks

Nov 2010 / № 6087

This is a play on the idea of “trust.” The laughing/spotted hyena is often viewed as a treacherous scavenger, stealing prey from other predators. In the Mtwara Region of Tanzania, it is believed that a child born at night while a hyena is crying will likely grow up to be a thief. I thought that the juxtaposition of a seedy creature, such as the hyena, and the honorable KDU creates a dynamic image that provokes a question of who is trustworthy? The obvious answer is that you can indeed trust the KDU.

Oliver Barrett  |  http://www.ohbarrett.com  |  ohbarrett@ohbarrett.com

Nov 2010 / № 5886


Hello KDU members and friends, I just started a new blog. It´s about drawings, sketches,
illustrations and on and on. Make sure to check it out! Cheers from Czech Republic!

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view more of my work here: ohbarrett.com

Email me: ohbarrett@ohbarrett.com

Honored to be associated with such a huge group of talented people.

Cheers from Cleveland.




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