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Other than my illustration work, I also work in Digital, designing websites of all flavours and dabbling in other sectors of online too. Bringing all sorts of campaigns to life online and for some great clients, ranging from adidas to Kellogg’s. I’ve a new temp portfolio that’s just gone up. Take a gander just below.

View the design portfolio here.kdu_bullet1

― Daniel J Diggle


My contribution to the Quentin vs. Coen show next week in NYC. If you’re in the area, you should come check out the show. It’s a show based on characters from the films of the Coen Brothers and Quentin Tarantino. I chose to do a piece on Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction. Say ‘what’ again. This is a very limited print run, and will probably sell out at the show. I may have an extra 15 or so of my own that I’ll put up for sale after the show’s over.

Oliver Barrett  |  Cleveland, Ohio  |  http://www.ohbarrett.com |  ohbarrett@ohbarrett.com |  Twitter

My secret agents (New work by Pariseau)

My secret agents (New work by Pariseau)

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A vision to ‘Destroy the Machines’ was to mix organic and mechanical forms to create a fused compound in constant evolution and motion. Structure vs Growth. A hand inked background was scanned and added to offer a movement to the illustration framework as we near our minds toward the atomic frame and realise the infinite.

The contrast and conflict is that it lacks a certain aggression in making a statement and thorough intention.

Although a machine was used to execute the design, it is more a visual that represents energetic organic ascension as opposed to digital devolution.






My contributions for Solstice. Juxtaposition of savage beasts in 18th century high society garb.

Oliver Barrett  |  Cleveland, Ohio  |  http://www.ohbarrett.com |  ohbarrett@ohbarrett.com |  Twitter

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Myspace Theme

The new Myspace is about reimagining discovery, “Discovered & to be Discovered” both conventionally and unconventionally. Myspace is still all about meeting new people, finding new content, engaging in rich onsite experiences and being personally discovered.

Core cultures are: self-expression / rebellion / edge / passion / freedom / fun / beauty / eye candy / sex / release / sacredness / bleeding edge / exclusivity / ever changing / always different… POP CULTURE!

UK rock band, To Catch a Thief, approached me about working with them on their new album packaging. They simply provided me with the title and I ran with it and came up with an art direction based on vintage horror films. This is just the cover, the rest of the layout is still in production. More to come later.

Oliver Barrett  |  Cleveland, Ohio  |  http://www.ohbarrett.com |  ohbarrett@ohbarrett.com |  Twitter

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The KDU x Brooklyn Machine Works x Tokyo

The Keystone Design Union has teamed with legendary independent bike company Brooklyn Machine Works.
Early 2011 will mark the brand relaunch with expanded product range, new website, new collaborations and more.


Arseny Vesnin (Designcollector) and talented illustrator and iPad monster Fiodor Sumkin (Opera78) started to create the über awesome Digital Magazine “DESIGNCOLLECTOR” Winter 2010/11 for iPad owners.

Illustration below made by Sorin Bechira

DesignCollector Magazine

DesignCollector Magazine

DesignCollector Magazine

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Recently picking up a little pace with photographic work to organize an extension to the existing portfolio. I have a keen interest in black and white photography, albeit digital. The play of light and shadow always intrigues me, and aside from architecture, there is nothing finer than sculptured, carved or crafted statues worn by the elements as a test against time.

Atmospheric with an aged aesthetic preferred, with respect for all traditional methods.


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An invitation was sent en mass to submit a studio entry based on the TRON theme in collaboration with ADIDAS. Even though my designs were not picked, it may be worth a mention here. Initially the proposed images that were mocked up amounted to around 30, some repeat and remixed images with varied colorways reflective of the team colors in the new movie.

The strap line on the images was ‘FUTURESPORT’.

A healthy personal insight when attempting to handle a larger project in the correct manner.


TorqueTorque close upTorque close up 2

Kick starting the blog with my new piece. Essentially, this work was created as a sensory image to convey the balance of stability within a broken structure of complexity and fluidity. Philosophy also. There are a few basic elements used for the framework, the color choice is to reflect a more organic movement without being ’solid’ in aesthetic, and also to continually move the eye around the design. ( above – 1 image & 2 screenshots )


Feb 2010 / № 2691


HUSH custom logo for the Digital Dumbo event.

Happening tonight!

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