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Apr 2011 / № 7751

This is my very first post here at The KDU!  I’m excited and a bit frantic at the moment with finals at school and trying to cover ground online with everything that is going on day to day.

Currently I’m working on some new projects with Intrinsic Nature (http://www.intrinsicnature.org) for their next release.  Several new collabs, including one with an artist locally that I have met that has extremely raw talent.  I look forward to continue posting here for now I will leave you all with an image.

Form 1

This image was created for an online release at Evokeone.  It was based on a gestural sketch I had made from  class.



Great interactive art piece by Tabor Robak and Jon Rafman. I really love what these dudes are doing and you can see more of their work at BNPJ/Paint FX

Nov 2010 / № 6096

Pendulum Immersion-valp (s)

Valp has just launched 2011 page with massive update, includes Pendulum, Armada Skis and Aragorn’s Quest. Enjoy!


This piece is a few years old. At the time it was going to be a pitch to Sony for the V series of screens that was in production, as I was really impressed with the huge leap forward in pixel perfect images, and the tech displays at trade shows. It made digital art interesting again, with wide screen taking the helm.The idea was to show various raw energy visuals connecting elements to and from the screen. It seems a basic design now, but a good recap and creative insight to include here.

The main Dragon image was a scanned illustration with all elements added layer by layer.

The strap line created for the graphic was ‘SONY : Our vision is your future – Your vision is our future’


I was recently invited by John Mark Herskind to participate to the DACS exhibition.
Here’s my humble contribution – hope you’ll like it !
More details on my behance portfolio.presentation_DACS_600

Mar 2010 / № 2883

Hello to all,

here’s some pictures done by me in these last times.

Check out my BEHANCE: www.behance.net/pjulien

(soon my website will be updated)

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