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Sep 2011 / № 9018

Today I want to share with you, selection of works I’ve done in this and last year.
So here it is!

Recent works

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Sep 2011 / № 8994


Oh Jenny…

Pixel and texture are the main aspects of the image. Rather than use purely digital artwork, I have been quietly trying new methods of creating texture. My focus is on the decay of beauty, as in, the fall of the ego as we are stretched apart in all directions by our ever increasing surroundings of illusion. Seeing things for what they really are by means of moving out of focus with these surroundings and to seek internally, let that guiding light shine forth.

I am seeking to make a transition in art. Forming a breakdown of parts and leaving blank space or thought in its place intrigues me. The balance for me would be to show growth / decay within the ‘inbetween’ phase of an image where they would both merge before the finished article becomes neither one or the other. Question also what you are looking at and by what medium or media? Question everything.

By following other artists it gets easier in time to interpret messages that they put forth. This in turn holds a certain resonance, something that on some level one can relate to.

We continue to learn at the drawing of each breath. I remain thankful to my peers. KDU for Life!


Sep 2011 / № 8967




My works for Designer Against Child Slavery were featured in their second exhibition entitled “Episode”. And all of wich will be featured at their Live Exhibition in New York City on October 1st.

You can read the interview here, and check out my Behance

Also, I have updated my online showcase

SVSV continues to use art as a vehicle to expand and communicate its anti-mass agenda. This week, we debut three artistic collaborations designed to amplify the core craft philosophy that defines our brand. Our brand believes that the ideas we generate share equal weight with the objects we create. Art is the bridge that connects these two realities.

Victor Antonio x SVSV


Josh Vanover x SVSV


Michael Ostermann x SVSV


Sep 2011 / № 8909

Congrats to our dear friends at IdN for another successful launch.



I would like to invite you all to view my latest work on Monument Magazine. Monument is a magazine that aims to explore architecture from different angles, with every feature rich in ideas. Architect statements, critical review, inspirations, ideas, and trend spotting. To view more of this project you can view it on my online portfolio here

Aug 2011 / № 8748


Aug 2011 / № 8747


Aug 2011 / № 8746





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Special thanks to Phil and the rest of the team from Madbury Club. I do not remember a more well put together interview since we sat down with Inquiring Minds years ago. I enjoying shooting the shit!

Thanks guys!

You can view the full interview here.



Hi there,

Hope you are all well. Here is my latest design called Ice Queen.

Ice Queen - By Billelis

Ice Queen - By Billelis

Ice Queen - By Billelis

Ice Queen - By Billelis

Ice Queen - By Billelis

Ice Queen - By Billelis

Visit my portfolio

Jul 2011 / № 8537

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me. I’ve had a pretty wide range of projects. Check out some shots from them (some are in progress):


This is the beginning of a new body of work that depicts a slight sense of motion and disorientation. More to come from that in the future.


More after the jump.

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Jul 2011 / № 8493


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Jul 2011 / № 8478

Series of 3D designs, both personal and commercial created the last few months.

BoomTing! - By Billelis

BoomTing! - By Billelis

Dj cover work- By Billelis

Dj cover work- By Billelis

Visit here for more

Jun 2011 / № 8338

Dear KDU members I only got accepted here a few days ago and I was really looking forward for creating  a design for KDU. So this is what I came up with. Main inspiration was Egypt, both culture and history.

KDU Promotion piece - Billelis

KDU Promotion piece - Billelis

KDU Promotion Piece - Billelis



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