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Jul 2012 / № 10821

Andre Beato x Kronex

► The upcoming collab w/ André Beato is going to be manufactured soon! Colours are TBD | Check www.kronex.org!

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Jun 2012 / № 10785
Jun 2012 / № 10755


Snake Bite / Keystone Design Union / Self initiated example.

Evaluating some new communication pieces, also trying out new machine tools alongside pencil. Everything is printed to get an overall feel of any artwork. Nothing truly lives unless it is outside of the box.

The type is based on ‘Wicked Grit’. Being a fan of alternative fonts that are not widely used, it really was put to good use here.

The overall composition is as intended, an explosive force.


May 2012 / № 10682
May 2012 / № 10656
May 2012 / № 10468


Poster composition & Print / Charity

May I draw your attention to this months posting. When looking back over the past year or so, one steady item has remained. Something that all of you could do if you spare a little time. Over 3-4 years I have raised money for various charities by donating canvas artwork, mostly of an abstract nature. Yeah ok, ‘paint splashes’, Donated for charities that resonate with health issues that family members have faced, battled, won and lost. The article here this month is charity based.

The Royal National Mission To Deep Sea Fishermen – a charity that is vital in offering emergency and welfare support to families of injured, wrecked or deceased deep sea fishermen across the UK, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Also for those who do not know, that during 2 World Wars, Trawlermen were an independant force whilst sweeping for mines and aiding evacuations.

The piece of work here reflects what I consider to be an Ensign, which was also the name of the first Mission ship. As the first part of the donation I am also taking part in a Night Trek across rough terrain which will also help to raise vital funding.

There are currently 50 copies of this modest sized gloss stock poster for keeps, with all procedes to be given fully to the Fishermens Mission.


You can now grab all the 24 prints for 12! www.kronex.net

Apr 2012 / № 10417

New Illustration work for Evokeone collective & Intrinsic Nature collective.

The Waiting Place


Apr 2012 / № 10392

New A4 limited paper prints available | Hand signed and embossed © Karoly Kiralyfalvi

www.kronex.net | www.extraverage.net

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Mar 2012 / № 10276

One more personal project I did a few weeks ago!
Everything about symmetry!







Full project.


Mar 2012 / № 10234

Expanse Of Ruins.
Long time no hear!
I finished my studies one month ago and now I’m back in the business.
I would like to share one of my latest personal projects!







Full project.


Feb 2012 / № 10119


Vanguard Atelier for KDU x ENK  / Media Design LabTMRWTODAY

‘TMRWTODAY is the active media experience for ENK/TMRW. TMRWTODAY exists to amplify the ideas and actions used to create a progressive future for fashion.’

A hand drawn & brush pen type was used in the initial stages to create this graphic. Honoured to be given the opportunity to offer my first vision toward the future of fashion. Boom!


Feb 2012 / № 10096

Serenade/Promenade EP

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Feb 2012 / № 10095

Thrupence - Voyages EP Cover ArtworkThrupence - Voyages EP Cover Artwork

Thrupence - Voyages EP Cover Artwork

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Feb 2012 / № 10083

” TMRWTODAY is the active media experience for ENK/TMRW.
TMRWTODAY exists to amplify the ideas and actions used to create a progressive future for fashion. “

This style is something I have never done and it was fun to experiment with something different.
I tried my best to create a relationship between the clothing, the fashion and my typography.
Hope you like it and would love your feedback and sharing!



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