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Oct 2014 / № 11847


Check out an updated portfolio of Illustration, Animation and Digital Design work. WWW.DANIELDIGGLE.COM


Nov 2013 / № 11731

Dear KDU’s friends,

It’s been a while since i have posted some of my work on the platform, so here it is.

My new digital art series called “GHOST MEMORIES“. Hope you enjoy it. (Full series on my Behance page)

Ghost Memories
Ghost Memories
Ghost Memories
Ghost Memories

Apr 2013 / № 11616

A set of limited edition typographic posters, designed in collaboration with 55Hi’s.


Feb 2013 / № 11568

Some Updates.
It’s been a long time and some things happened.
I worked for a lot of different clients in the past few months.
My design portfolio shows a selection of the latest projects.
Recently I also launched my own brand called “Messieurs Dames”
and a german-speaking contemporary journal called “Le Milieu”.

Feel free to browse through the sites!

MJB Design Portfolio

MJB Design Portfolio

W W W . D E S I G N . M A R K U S B A I E R . C O M

Messieurs Dames

Messieurs Dames

W W W . M E S S I E U R S D A M E S . E U

Le Milieu

Le Milieu

W W W . L E M I L I E U . E U


Street and Ski illustration campaign

Street and Ski illustration campaign – Billelis
Street and Ski illustration campaign – Billelis
Street and Ski illustration campaign – Billelis

Street and Ski illustration campaign – Billelis

Fire in the Hole – EvokeOne – The End

Fire in the hole – EvokeOne – The End – Billelis

ArtJunks 2012

ArtJunks 2012 - Billelis
ArtJunks 2012 – Billelis

Resurrection of Gaia – Desktopography 2012

Resurrection of Gaia - Desktopography 2012 - Billelis
Resurrection of Gaia – Desktopography 2012 – Billelis

Billelis 2013 Promo

Billelis 2013 Promo

Billelis 2013 Promo

Dec 2012 / № 11399

Hi fellaz,

It’s been a while since i have time to post some of my artworks. Here it is. My recent series called ThINK™ :

” ThINK is a series of digital art blending modern and traditional art, digital painting and ink, poetry featuring the artist’s life, a sort of “tribute” that band around a single question: What’s define the soul of an artist?
Reflect on what forges the soul of an artist: his influences, his career, his successes, his failures, his encounters, love … What makes them beings apart and embody or incarnate the beauty of art in its most beautiful form. “

Amy Winehouse

Nov 2012 / № 11383
Aug 2012 / № 11186

Direction : Nicola Aclèr
Motion graphic : François Leroy
Sound design : Olivier Boni


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Aug 2012 / № 11175

neil armstrong bwIllustration dedicated to Neil Armstrong

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Aug 2012 / № 11164
Aug 2012 / № 11103



Text over image // Multi-layered // Mask

Another recent addition whilst working on a couple of mask related images. Was looking at ways to produce a chrome effect to sharpen the surface and give it some depth/dimension. Using a variety of mediums, this exploration is what I would see as part of a sticker set or a board graphic.

Inspired by Ukiyo-e & the transmission of tales.

…Should mock one up!


Aug 2012 / № 11035
Aug 2012 / № 11032


InkFace / New Development / Mixed Media :

Here is the latest edition of artwork.

In a nutshell my own development using an array of mixed media, every tool I have is being used fully and cranked hard!

This has been a long time coming, so for me, it is a milestone reached. After a few discussions around the table, plenty of caffeine, days melding into nights and nose to grind. I have been looking through a vast selection of old work that to me, is just that, old. The only way to push past this kind of ‘block’ was to scrap some, keep some, build anew. Still the same one man show, but this time, more determined with a whole trunk of focus.

I am very aware that this point was reached well over a year ago, during this swift development, one of the main factors was by reading my personal journal posts and how slow and frustrating the process has been.

To quote the previous post, production time is now much swifter, paying much close attention to mediums used + file types to ensure size aspect & resolution stays exact.

Fully confident that this will develop much further as my own language as an Artist and Designer.

You can find a page to continually reference all of my old/new personal musings & mess right here


www.kronex.net // www.kronex.org | Available next week online!











Book Cover Design





Escape Keys

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