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Apr 2010 / № 3583

minga x fright-rags

FrightRags x Minga

The wait is over…the Plan 9 From Outer Space
shirt/combo is now available!




POSTER UPDATE: We received the posters
yesterday and they are gorgeous, but they actually
measure 25×17 not 24×18…just wanted to point
that out for you.

Remember, these are EXTREMELY LIMITED.
Only 200 shirts and posters have been printed.
Once they are gone, they are gone for good…

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited nature of this
special edition,no coupons will be accepted on
the Plan 9 From Outer Space : Special Edition.


Apr 2010 / № 3486

mathematica, makeshift prodigy x minga

Mathematica, Makeshift Pordigy x Minga

Mathematica, Makeshift Prodigy x Minga

Yet again i got to work with the talent of Makeshift Prodigy for their new album, Mathematica. We started out with them sending me some concept art and things to use and be inspired by and i basically did the inverse, lol. Things started to come together and it just happened – luckily MP trusts me and just let me have at it.  For those of you locals, Makeshift will be opening for 30sec. to Mars and Mute Mouth on april 15th @ the Rave. Don’t sleep on the opportunity to check them all out! And of course to pick up your official copy of the Mathematica album.  Thanks again MP for hooking it up with another chance to work with you guys!

Mar 2010 / № 3237

I designed this wordmark/logo for Ashley O’Dell of  aodell.com photography. this was a great opportunity for me to work with the very talented and witty O’Dell. As classmates back at MIAD, and i’ve always enjoyed her pronounced style of photography. When she approached me to help her out with her logo, it was a sure fire deal.  Check out some Ashley O’Dell’s amazing photography at aodell.com

These shots are also provided curtsy of aodell.com

Mar 2010 / № 2959
Last weeks module wednesday for the On Ramp program was at MODA3 in downtown Milwaukee. An awesome experience for everyone involved, learning what’s behind the scenes in a shop such as MODA3. We went through the history of the shop from the dudes that get together and formed to the brick and mortar that we were standing in. And we talked about the brands that were on the shelves and the process involved in choosing and carrying a brand. This was especially helpful for the kids of On Ramp, for 2 reasons. One, knowing that all brands start out just like they are. Two, that everything in the store has a designer/artist that conceptualized it or created it (this, i think, is the most vital bit of info for them to hear, as an artist/designer myself i didn’t really realize until i was in college that someone had a creative hand in all we see). Moda3 does carry local designers and are all about participating and sponsoring,cool events locally.

I was also able to do some shameless promoting for the On Ramp tee’s we have available, bringing them as samples for the kids to see as well as for Moda3 to view as well. The samples were printed and supplied by Kindred Clothiers, the founders of the Kindred Market.

This turned out to be a keynote module Wednesday for the On Ramp kids and we can’t thank Moda3 and it’s employees enough for their help. If you’re a retail/lifestyle shop or just an individual that is interested in participating in modules or volunteering for On Ramp, please contact us here or at – info@onrampmke.info .

thanks, everyone!


Feb 2010 / № 2676

…just another day at the print shop. Press checking and wandering in the caverns of ink!




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