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Jul 2011 / № 8537

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me. I’ve had a pretty wide range of projects. Check out some shots from them (some are in progress):


This is the beginning of a new body of work that depicts a slight sense of motion and disorientation. More to come from that in the future.


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Jan 2011 / № 7062

VOTE for Minga in WMC

Here’s the skinny – i need your help and the best part is it’s super easy! All i need you to do to show support is click the image above or goto this link -  click me – and just click “vote” on the image above or the one titled Mingadigm (that’s me?!) to vote for my inclusion in this exhibition described below! super simple, it helps the process if while you’re voting you are currently logged out of facebook, doesn’t like that for some reason. 1 click is fantastic, but in order to win it’s all about the numbers; so if you’d be so kind as to click “vote” once a day everyday until voting closes,  you’d be completely awesome. thanks for the help. regards minga

event details – -

Become one of the 20 Designers featured in the design gallery at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2011. Hundreds are considered for this opportunity and you will receive great exposure for your work. It will be seen by hundreds of people (pretty influential people I might add) throughout the festival and the following week.

Talk about getting your name out there and rubbing shoulders with some of the best! Not only will you earn a spot in the gallery, but your name/link will be featured on wmcfest.com and on all print materials!

Jan 2011 / № 7004

Minga X Ocupop X Google

Minga X Ocupop X Google

Minga X Ocupop X Google

Minga X Ocupop X Google

Minga X Ocupop X Google

Huge project to kick of the year! Got invited by my man Michael over at Ocupop to lead the production on their release of HTML5 tees. Ocupop is the creative behind the entire html 5 identity that dropped earlier this week,  http://www.w3.org/html/logo/ . Partnering with W3C.org they got this thing up in a hurry!. step one for me was to take the html 5 icon, separate for printing. step two, get garments in to print. step three, confirm quality and color matching. step four, coordinate the fulfillment with print shop. step five, take additional identity assets and mock-up additional apparel and other promo items. serious amounts of communication and lots of coffee put this thing all together. many thanks to Ocupop for the opportunity and to W3C for jumping behind it and promoting it. now, go grab yours at http://html5shirt.com/

Nov 2010 / № 6158

Had an awesome Saturday last weekend when i did a demo on how to customize a pair of black white Chuck Taylors.  Was pretty awesome, had a few folks stay the entire demo, was about 3-4hrs long from sketches to inking the final touches on the shows. Many thanks to Utrecht Art Supplies for putting this all together and giving me the opportunity to share one of my passions. thanks

Nov 2010 / № 5918

Concepts that never saw production, to my knowledge anyhow, because the product was cut half way through. note to self, D&D audio doesn’t pay their bills. odd, cuz they’re supposed to have some of the best audio products on the market today, wonder how that’s possible with open invoices stacking up. either way was good experience and the designs are pretty solid.

Nov 2010 / № 5916

Concept  for the 30seconds to Mars tour tee competition. i’ll keep you posted if this thing goes live. i hope so! would be amazing to be apart of such an epic rock group’s tour.

Oct 2010 / № 5716

Press checking one of the concepts that was chosen for a test at Kohl’s. Turned out pretty hot. loving the detail and pop of the colors, while still having a super soft hand.

Oct 2010 / № 5643

the next installment of the Minga identity. this was developed recently for use on the fine art series of apparel that i’m going to drop soon. don’t blink, i’ll keep you posted! can hardly wait, going to be huge…

Oct 2010 / № 5637

Minga X Str8upinc X Kohls

Minga X Str8upinc X Kohl's

just added a section to my blog called “fresh daily.” the goal is to attempt to post something everyday that i’m either working on or have seen that interests me. thus far it’s allot production shots but it should get more interesting as the days go on.  recently added some newer apparel concepts on my site.  thanks for the continued  support. - regards, Minga

Jul 2010 / № 4674

SWEET, got around to getting some product shots done! i have have to say that when the client gets the proper quality printing done for the the way the art was intended, that maybe my favorite part – quality printing for quality art, seems to make so much sense! HAH

previous post – Album art, layout and tees for the band Before Tomorrow.  super happy with with this project and the band loves it too. complete creative license drawn from their music, is the force behind this one. attend the album release party and they killed it. thanks.

Jul 2010 / № 4595

some more great news from the Mingadigm store.
Society6 has selected my Print “MINGA x Delivery of a Gift” to be included in the Society6 Shop!

locate it here – http://mingadigm.society6.com/store

Jul 2010 / № 4491

so i finally got some consistency and superb quality going with some printing/fulfillment. my plan is stay here and transfer all Minga products and prints to the new Mingadigm. check ‘em out, super affordable, Gallery quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks. Custom trimmed with 2″ border.

locate mingadigm here – http://www.society6.com/studio/mingadigm/store

there’s also a pretty sweet promotion going thru july 25th so don’t sleep on it. $5 off your purchase of any print or product in the store, the sale is applied to your cart.

thanks for the support, and by all means; please don’t keep me a secret.



Jul 2010 / № 4329

Album art, layout and tees for the band Before Tomorrow.  super happy with with this project and the band loves it too. i was there for the album release party and they killed it. thanks.

Jun 2010 / № 4221

More product shots of Mathematica,  the Makeshift Prodigy album i designed. Turned out pretty amazing, couldn’t be more satisfied with the printing overall; but the disc is probably the sickest part. Always love working with these dudes and can’t wait for them to get signed so we can produce something absolutely retarded! thanks

minga x makeshift

Jun 2010 / № 4217

Got a decent camera, so not have product shots is a thing of the past! This picts are of the Fright Rag and Mondo Tees smash i did.  The tee turned out awesome, super soft and colors were almost spot on. Not to mention that they hooked it up with one of the sick metallic, silk screened posters. Thanks! MINGA

ReCap – - … got the chance to work with Ben over at Fright-Rags.com. home of some kick-ass classic horror tee’s. this was a special design for a limited edition run of tee’s in collaboration with Mondo tees, to include a special run poster as well. Awesome, working with Ben, and can’t wait to see what the package, poster and tee, look like together! MONDO is certainly know for their amazing posters…and this is no exception. thanks again to you all! check this out frightrags.infusionsoft.com/link/b22bf4280/cc77c0, this is ridiculous. loving these guys, can’t wait to see what else i can work on for them! HA!

Be warned they are limited to a run of 200, so once they’re gone they are gone. So no sleeping on this one they drop April 16th, make sure to get you one. Thanks – -
















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