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Fluttuo creates only one copy of each jewel, so that it will be as unique as the person who wears it.
For additional informations visit:
One-off jewels, handmade in Italy.
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Aug 2013 / № 11700
View full project here :

Branding and Promotional Illustrations for my Portfolio

Self Initiated project regarding the branding and design of my website, logos and twitter background.
Wanted to promote my portfolio even further with this project and also have some more commercial
style work on my portfolio.

Main element of the illustrations is my portfolio, displayed on a variety of devices. These are a mix of
of 3D base layers illustrated and retouched in Photoshop. The style I went for Is what I think best
describes my work. Energy, flow, candy, neon, gloss, chrome, light and explosive were the key elements
of inspiration for this project.

Hope you like it!

Billelis Logo 2013

Billelis Logo 2013

Billelis Branding 2013

Billelis Branding 2013

Billelis Branding 2013

Billelis Branding 2013

Billelis Portfolio Design 2013

Billelis Portfolio Design 2013

Billelis branding 2013 on Ipad

Billelis branding 2013 on Ipad

Billelis Portfolio with Illustrations 2013

Billelis Portfolio with Illustrations 2013

I-Mac Illustration for Billelis.com

I-Mac Illustration for Billelis.com

Iphone Illustration for Billelis.com

Iphone Illustration for Billelis.com

Jan 2013 / № 11494
Sandra Lovisco s an italian Hair & Make-up artist for fashion, editorial and advertising campaigns.

The Brand concept expresses values like excellence, precision, femininity and elegance.
The whole visual identity is characterized by the use of the diagonal golden line, symbol of perfectionism and style, affecting both print and online applications.

Sublimio developed a Unique Design Formula including: Concept Development, Branding, Corporate Image, Online Experience including CMS system and Branding applications.


For more info please click here / To experience the Sandra Lovisco website click here.

Enjoy your day.

Jan 2013 / № 11433
Website and Logo for the Official fanclub of the actress Erica Durance
(Lois Lane, SmallVille,  2004-2011)




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Jan 2013 / № 11427
Jun 2012 / № 10772

Ayana Events
Branding for an italian event management agency


Ayana Events is an ambitious event management agency located in Rome – Italy, offering a wide selection of services to international Brands.

The Ayana Events tagline, “We work for your success“, testifies the corporate attitude and mission.

The Ayana name comes from african language, and it means “beautiful flower”.
It expresses the energy and the creativity carried out by the Brand, whose values of beauty and efficiency differentiate it from its competitors.

This Unique Design Formula includes: Branding, Concept Development, Visual Identity, Literature Design, Online Experience including advanced CMS system.

Experience the Ayana Events website by clicking here.


For more info please click here.


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Mar 2012 / № 10308

Joe Barbieri
Cult Chansonnier Rebranding


Joe Barbieri is an internationally esteemed italian chansonnier.

“Like the painter Plasson in the novel “Ocean Sea” by Alessandro Baricco used to paint the sea using the sea water and obtaining smooth and intangible paints, almost white, it could be said that Joe Barbieri sings the air through the air, the absence through the absence, the empty space through the empty space.”


This stimulating Rebranding project is related to the publishing of the long awaited new album, named “Respiro” (Breath), published last March the 20th. Thanks to the international appreciations gathered through the years, this album will be launched worldwide in more than 62 countries.

Sublimio has been responsible for the whole Brand renewal, from concept to print and web applications: Rebranding, Visual Identity, Branding Applications, Online Experience (mobile devices versions included) and full CMS.


Web Development: Matthew Ferry / Photography
Andrea Boccalini


To see the full Unique Design Formula click here.












For more info please click here.


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Feb 2012 / № 9927

We have been working on the branding and strategy for the new ‘Coast’ (Surf/Ride/Skate) shop looking to open in Spring of this year in Poole, Dorset. We will be designing all branding, signage, packaging, advertising, digital media and the interior / exterior. Looking forward to seeing the end product of our biggest project to date!

Cgi proposal of shop front

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Feb 2012 / № 9901

Laser engraved wood with black varnish layer (300 x 260 x 50 mm) ©2012
www.kronex.net | A new brand by Extraverage
Keep your eyes on the site and the Facebook page, don’t miss the launch!

Nov 2011 / № 9376

Rejected logos and typefaces for Krisztian Eder, aka SP, a Budapest based musician, singer and photographer. He was born in ‘88, studied Visual Communication and Photography at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Besides being focused on applied and commercial photography, he is also working as a cinematographer.

www.ederkrisztian.com | www.spmusic.hu | www.extraverage.net
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Nov 2011 / № 9330

We have been doing some logo designs for Toby Thomas and his new photography and film studio – The Vintage Media House, here are some examples of what we put forward and what the final choice was_

The Vintage Media HouseTVMHThe Vintage Media House

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Feb 2011 / № 7290
Jan 2011 / № 7058
I decided to share a little teaser of the pitch I made for Melody Eshani. Probably some of you already know Melody Eshani, she is a very talented and original jewelry and accessories designer in Los Angeles. Her products are worn mostly by singers, such as Keri Hilson, Ciara and Rihanna.




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