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Last night was the opening of Jeremy Fish’s “Listen and Learn” show at the Joshua Liner Gallery.
Incredible work based off some amazing stories. A campfire in Chelsea, smoking trees, the usual (bunny) suspects and one of the meanest birthday cakes around. Stop by and check it out if in NY.


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Jun 2011 / № 8320

Serum Venom set out to investigate how to push the limits of a modern workshirt, without compromising its classic appeal. We focused on combining the attention to detail and strength of military specification garments with the day to day functionality requirements of an urban existence. Our conclusion is a system of design we refer to as Street/Spec, which combines extreme tactical functionality with everyday comfort.

The Urbaneering Shirt has multiple function pockets, reinforced cuffs, lower placket tab closures, heavy duty under arm vents, rear hidden hang strap, reinforced front placket strap loops, authentic vintage metal workwear button, side tension stash pocket and reinforced universal internal seams.
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Jun 2011 / № 8317

Serum Venom adheres to no seasonal fashion calendar and develops no traditional garment collections – believing these systems are out dated and produce waste. Instead, we focus on continually developing and improving our designs. Each week we will be debuting original designs or extreme modifications and improvements to existing designs. Our goal is to develop a truly better product, not just something new.

Geometric Camo Hoodie. Various Japanese Knit Jersey + Bamboo + Hemp.
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Jun 2011 / № 8313

Here are some quick mess arounds with the KDU monogram and logo…


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Jun 2011 / № 8300

I was tasked with designing packaging for Stoli’s exclusive elit 2.0 bottle. The bottle was to be used mostly for promotional purposes as it would cost $5,000 for just one bottle. With only 100 made, the elit 2.0 Himalaya was distilled with glacial water from the Himalayan region.

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Jun 2011 / № 8292

Dear KDU and fellow members I would like to introduce my self and post one of my works.

My name is Billy Bogiatzoglou aka Billelis. I have just graduated from university with a degree in Digital Art and Technology and my dream is to become a great designer/ digital artist. I  am looking forward to networking and exchanging inspirations and projects. Finally I would like to state that I am really happy to be a member of KDU and having the chance to meet outstanding artists.

Now here is a piece for a competition for Peugeot. Unfortunately I didn’t win but It was a good experience.

When I was really young I had a dream that one day I would be an astronaut. But i also loved little cars. I used to make little rockets out of the carton thats left from the toilet roll and I used to stick them together with little cars and dream that one day I could drive my little car into space. Although I never managed to become an astronaut I made this design for Peugeot ’s competition, Motion & Emotion.

Emotion is Motion - Peugeot competition

Black and white
Black and white
Emotion is Motion – Peugeot competition

Case Study here: Portfolio

Jun 2011 / № 8299

Hello Everyone,

Here we are…my first post! I am really happy & truly honored to be part of this exciting adventure which is the KDU.

I’m looking forward to share my work & collaborate with other members on future projects.

I am now working on a promo piece for the KDU … stay tuned! In the meantime here is a sample of my latest works

Or please visit: www.brusick.net

Thelma & Louise remix

Numéro 46

Numéro 47

Karl's Diet Coke tribute


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Jun 2011 / № 8283

Hello gang,

Today, I make a new update on my Website




Hope you like that

More Pictures Here


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Jun 2011 / № 8280

Here is the latest episode I filmed for Dabaoge with the mongolian folk band Hanggai.


Jun 2011 / № 8276

airplane ollie






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Jun 2011 / № 8274


Hello collective, I´ve been working on different projects lately. So I´m about to release them one by one. Stay tuned…

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Jun 2011 / № 8272

Substance based experiments for Nike wordmarks. Letters created by hand with modeling clay and vinyl. Letterforms then photographed, edited, and colours inverted – a dirty mess that worked out in the end. Check out the rest here.





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Jun 2011 / № 8257

Here are a couple of alternates from my recent site update. The type based image was a lengthy mess around in Cinema 4D, and the photograph was studio photo / Cinema combo – the chick is my little sister.



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These designs were created for “Against The Grain” Show on May the 6th in San Francicsco the designs are simply brillant and are a great play on the concept of the show.

“First we would like to thank hydro74 who invite us to take part of the “AGAINST THE GRAIN SHOW” along uber talents such as Julie West and Munk One. So Joshua @ Hydro 74 asked us to send over 3 sk8boards designs + 2 other boards which were all lazer engraved by Karvt who did a wonderful job! check the flyer for more infos, and come to see them in real if you have the chance to be around. – Scien & Klor”



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Jun 2011 / № 8239

This project has been getting a bit of hype lately and some people were curious about the process – so here it is. It was pretty basic really – I shot a series of portraits, printed the shots, ripped and overlapped, and then photographed again.
The idea was to illustrate the human layers of dermal as character / complexity / whatever you’re hiddin!




You can view the rest of the series here.

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Book Cover Design

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